Detail: ‘Delusion/Breakout’ and mix

Detail: ‘Delusion/Breakout’ and mix


Detail has dropped the very addictive coupling of ‘Delusion/Breakout’, featuring the ethereal sound of Tiiu. Appropriately it’s via Addictive Behaviour and to take us further in they’ve given us a blazing mix which you must crank the hell up.

How’s 2015 been so far? Can’t believe we’re quite deep into it…

2015’s been pretty cool. Working on tunes, getting them signed and playing them out. The year has been very productive so far and I’m really happy with it.

Now how did ‘Delusion’ come about? It’s a wicked tune but I am wondering about the title as to be deluded means to be a dreamer. What’s it about?

Well, this tune was written mostly during the night and I think you can hear that, which is cool.

When I sent it to Nastya for vocals it was only about a 40-50 secs loop. She caught the idea perfectly and did a few takes. From that moment I knew the tune was going to be something special.

The tune takes you on a journey into the dark then into the light – breakdown moment – but in the end it’s back to the darkness.

Could you intro us to Tiiu? Her voice is great and I like the effect on her voice too, the sound.

Tiiu is my sister from another mother, she’s one of my best friends. We met in 2012 and from that moment we have been working on tunes together. Her voice perfectly fits my style and drum and bass music in general. Working with her is always so much fun.


Where do you work on the music… dedicated studio?

I have a home studio where I work most of the time but sometimes I work in 22:22 studio which is Sunchase & Vera Sue’s studio for their label 22:22.

‘Breakout’ manages to be weighty yet very ethereal and elegant all at once, can you take us behind the tune?

‘Breakout’ shows my love for the genre’s roots. That period in drum and bass that I love more than any other. It’s the end part of the 90s, beginning of the 00s… the old Metalheadz sound, Source Direct, Photek and so forth.

So carrying this on, what would be your favourite year of D&B?

Probably 1996. ‘Metropolis’, ‘Stone Killer’, ‘Mother Earth’, ‘Web Of Sin’.

The tunes resonate a lot with me and I want to hear more so is there an album in the works?

To be honest I’m not ready to do an album It’s a very personal thing and I don’t want to rush it.

What about live, what tunes are drawing that are making your live sets as powerful as they are known as being?

I like to play different tunes in my sets, different tempos, different styles, moods, etc.

I’ve got one tune that I’m always droping, its ‘Minimal Funk’ by Icicle. Every time this tune drops the crowd goes wild.

What tune – any tune – is in your head right now?

Hans Zimmer ‘S.T.A.Y.’

If you could play any venue which one would it be and why? remember this is not just a club: could be a special town, a beach festival, anywhere.

The Japanese Sakura Garden. I think It’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


OK Detail, any shouts?

Thank you for the interview. Shouts to all the labels and producers out there, keep doing what you are doing. Shouts to my friends: Dima, Nikita, Masha, Lera, Katya. And big shout goes to my band mates: Sonya, Igor, Nil, Sasha, Vova. Pokasiki.


You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


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