Decoding Hyroglifics

Decoding Hyroglifics

Hyroglifics has been working largely by stealth over the past few years, a known entity to some down with the likes of Protect Audio, Diffrent and the Peer Pressure code. And speaking of Peer Pressure, codes, mystery… what’s the story with Hyroglifics’ mesmerising new Visceral ep and in particular that tranquil, pastoral cover art? We’ll get to that… and to the latest PP podcast at the end.

Hello Hyroglifics: when did these tunes arise?

I wrote these tunes around summer time last year, and after sending a folder of music over to Alex & Phil at the label: they instantly loved these three and thought that they would fit well together as an EP.

Was there a unifying vibe or collection of?

I’m not really sure: I just wanted to try and convey the emotions that I was feeling at the time.

I think you can really tell that from ‘In Your Arms’ which was mainly inspired by a singer songwriter that a friend had introduced me to.

When I saw the cover I was transported back 300 years. I felt I was in a big silent room in the National Gallery.

Alex [from the label] deals with all the cover art, and within it he always likes to create the cover artwork alongside the music but also is able to exist as a piece of art itself.

The artwork contrasts with light and dark areas which I think is heard within the tracks on the EP. ­

You are always busy when I speak to you: what’s cracking in 2014?

There’s a few mammoth collaborations with Xanadu & Terror, Hubris, Shiver & Fearful, Facing Jinx and Quantax to come.

At the moment I’ve got a single/EP forthcoming on Diffrent including a collaboration with the head honcho Dexta, a single on Flexout Audio, another single on Vandal Records and a tune forthcoming on the VA LP on Nurtured Beatz. I’ve also been busy working with a few incredible vocalists at the moment, which I’m really excited about.

As well as this I’ve been working on my first ever sample pack which should be available to buy in the next coming months. There’s probably a whole heap of stuff I’ve forgotten about.

There’s always a hive of activity amongst your crew, always so much for people prepared to dig deep so what keeps it all ‘Visceral’, as it were?

Flexout Audio at Plan B the other night was very inspiring! To see Tom [from the label] sell out the downstairs of Plan B a few nights before the night as well as the atmosphere and energy on the actual night has really inspired me. Tom really deserved it too with all the effort he put into making that night happen. Big ups dude! ­

On the topic of shouts… got some?

Big thanks to all the Peer Pressure crew for always being so supportive. And special shouts to everyone at Diffrent, Flexout, Nurtured Beatz. Big ups to everyone who takes the time to listen to my music, buy it or come to a gig.
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