D&Brazil: UrbanDawn

D&Brazil: UrbanDawn


‘Interstellar chord progressions and crazy arrangements,… just the way I love it!’

A slick slipstreaming of unexpected style, fusion and tangents? Check. UrbanDawn‘s knockout ’14 release for Bad Taste Recordings continues to resonate and, much like the implication of his artist name, he is a name on the ascent. It was time to sit and catch five with Felipe Wrechiski himself to touch on World Cup vibes in the city and his various influences and reflections on D&B.

UrbanDawn how is life? Good to chat again.

I’ve been great man, thanks!

What’s the vibe like in Brazil right now with the WC hitting fever pitch?

It’s almost magical to be honest. It’s awesome to see a lot of different nations and cultures cruising together in this soccer madness: the pubs & bars are the most fun places these past days… I’m loving to watch the Brazil games there!

I’m not like the biggest soccer fan, but I do enjoy World Cup games for sure. I mean I barely watch national games, just when I’m with friends drinking some Weiss Beer!

You have a lot to be proud of as a nation I think; going back what are some standouts of your football history?

The ’82 Brazil team was f*cking insane!

What’s a favourite WC moment for you?

I would say the messed-up kick from Baggio on the ’94 WC, that was epic!

What do you hope happens after the event this year?

I just hope that our country will move forward after this by taking care of the really important stuff like health care and proper education.

OK: you mention the party vibe there: as someone in the midst of Brazilian D&B there is it on fire as ever?

We’re having more and more parties focused on D&B and Bass Culture, our producers are on fire and I’m sure that it will be even better than last year.

What music moves you? Remember, last time we chatted about Pat Metheny… did you know that Goldie is a fan?

I didn’t know that Goldie was into Pat’s music, but that’s not a surprise for me, both Goldie and Metheny are insane!

It’s been a Jazz/Hip-Hop year for me I guess, the last album that made me crazy about it was Christian Scott’s Christian Atunde Adjuah double-album, so so wicked!

I love how Chris manages to mix Jazz to Soul and Rock, it’s amazing, interstellar chord progressions and crazy arrangements, just the way I love it.

There’s also a lot of De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest’s old catalogue as well. That’s beside my beloved old swedish Metal albuns from some bands like Dark Tranquillity and At The Gates.

Speaking of such an array of great styles and sounds and – let’s face it – great production in general I think that what knocked people out with your ep for Bad Taste was the scope of the ep and the production. So what’s some tips for a new producer?

I would say two very quick tips that help me a lot: I always use some old chopped breaks beneath the drums to make it more live and give more character.

Tip number 2: If your track isn’t moving forward, just start another one from scratch! It will help the anxiety of not moving forward with your other project and it will help you to finish it soon after.

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Urbandawn is the Drum & Bass/Bass Music project of Felipe Wrechiski, with tracks released on the biggest labels of the genre, like Hospital, Bad ...