D&Brazil: DJ Patife

D&Brazil: DJ Patife

DJ PATIFE! The mastermind behind one of D&B’s timeless moments ‘Sambassim’ and Global Beats Ambassador Extraordinaire gets down with us and talks about what really matters: music. Plus a new way of ‘tagging’…

Hello Patife, a great pleasure to talk! Can I ask what has it been like with the World Cup? In general?

I’m not a typical Brazilian person who really loves football, barbecue, beers etc. But it looks like its been ok for Brazil till now. Tourists down there are been treating well, the team were on the semi finals, but wasn’t for Brazil this time. Brazilians are very emotional.

The team should be rational.


On the ‘not typical’ Brazlilian aspect I understand, however since the UK first ‘got’ Brazilian D&B you are certainly an integral part! How have you seen it grow?

It was something natural. We didn’t plan anything. In fact, all of us got very surprised about the reaction for or music and mixture. All the rest was about the scene growing day by day. Companies then started to appear, to invest, and new DJs and producers started to get along inside.

And I always thought your particular approach to D&B is very, very unique… how would you describe what you do, your personal style?

I try to be honest with myself. Got to do what I like and feel comfortable with. I would say I love music for the heart. Genre doesn’t matter.

You’ve been busy in 2014?

Great so far. Already touring in Europe second time this year, also coming back to places like Estonia and Serbia which is been a long time since I’d been.

What are your favourite cities to play? You are famous for the electric vibe you bring.


I do appreciate places where I’m welcome. Eastern Europe: always amazing. Japan: incredible, the crowd there really enjoy the party. In Brazil and in the UK it’s like being at home with friends. Santiago in Chile, awesome, and I love to play Ljubljiana in Slovenia. Anyway… I love to get around!

Speaking of the party vibe and Japan, what is a great experience or memory you would share with us regarding playing your music?

I’ll never forget in São Paulo one time where a girl asked me to tag her underpants, that was funny. There was Ross Allen at the Reading festival in 2001 going mad when I dropped ‘Sambassim’ (Patife’s classic remix of the Fernanda Porto tune from The Brasil Ep) for the first time. Playing live from Bar Rumba then been broadcast on Radio 1 live was awesome.

What local spots do you like for D&B?

In São Paulo you can catch DJ Marky at the Lab Club. There’s DJ Andy and guests at Mono Club… and Critycal Dub at Forbass and his crew.

What music are you working on?

D&B almost, but, like some Soulful Afro House as well. Still love the 2 Step/Garage ting: I may try some for the album.

Speaking of your work, do you work alone in a studio there or do you have people you work with on tunes?

Up until 2005/2006 I always had support from the likes of Mad Zoo, Xrs, Ramilson Maia… recently I’ve been working by myself with musicians, singers and composers to get my ideas flowing even better.

Regarding D&B in general what tunes are you feeling?

Most of the Level 2 and Critycal Dub stuff, Chap & Andrezz, Zinc & Fats… there’s ‘Move That Sound’ remix by Mr Joseph. I also I love the first album from Emeli Sandé

You have given us a glimpse of a new project, can you tell us more?

I’m in the middle of a music project… you’ll hear something soon. I’ve also been working hard to launch my own label.

Thanks from my heart everyone who’s been supporting my music: all the DJs, the audience, promoters all over the globe, my friends, family, managers, agents, press…

Big up!

DJ Patife

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