D&Brazil: DJ Chap

D&Brazil: DJ Chap

The whistle is about to blow… It’s time to recognise!

The start of a strong, infectious series – a bit like the people, country and music, because we are talking BRAZIL here – we catch up with the ultra-inspiring DJ Chap, talking beats, collabs, killer new names and one in particular scrawled on a wall…

Hello Chap! First off, THAT Warehouse Music compilation on Chronic, wow: were you happy to be a part of that?

Hello Damian! Long time no speak!

I got a very nice support for my track ‘Like A Fyah’, from legends like DJ Marky and Drumsound & Bassline Smith. For me, the V recordings family is pretty important; it’s a pleasure to be an artist that’s part of V.

So what other shifts in music have you been experiencing?

Well, I’ve been listening to a lot of things, and this has influenced me musically. I always try to talk with some more experienced music producers here in Brazil and it has helped me a lot.

Got to ask: when did D&B first come into your life, what was the moment?

The first time I heard D&B, or rather, what I saw D&B: I was a kid and I saw a wall spray-painted with the word ‘DRUM & BASS’ with red paint.

Since that day I wondered what would be the Drum & Bass? Later I heard that there were some boys near my house who liked D&B, and then my cousin and my friends taught me what I needed to hear! I never imagined that after all I would become a DJ and producer… that word written in red paint changed my life.

I listen to Bryan Gee’s show on the Ministry Radio here and it always features hot Brazilian D&B!

All the guys are evolving. Producers like Andrezz (pictured with Chap, below), L-Side, Critycal Dub, Nitri, Cable, Digital Hunters, Level 2 & Unreal always surprise me.

002 Chap & Andrezz

Is the music community like a team in Brazil, so to speak? Team D&B?

Yes and that makes me very happy. The producers are making great music and this opens many doors and is attracting many looks towards Brazil.

In São Paulo there’s people supporting and promoting so many parties. People like my friends DJ Thiago Un, Wes & Carboni AKA drumnbass.com.br and our most charismatic of all promoters, the m8 Mole Junglist.

They are always doing positive things.

We are a good team, everyone does their solo work, and the same time all give support the work of others. Also, the friendship helps a lot.

001 Chap

What new people are coming into the pack?

I’m really enjoying some new producers like Young:G… big basslines and minimalist beats.

I’m excited to hear the new stuff of my friends from 2funkyz AKA Peralta & Dogface… these guys are very excellent DJs who sometimes play with four decks. They’ve returned to the studio to make new tunes.

Urbandawn & Drumagick also have some serious stuff: a lot of attention to detail, and that makes a difference in their productions.

What Brazilian hero do you have, alive or dead? Could be sport, could be in art or metal or simply anything?

I can tell you that my biggest idols are my friends: I live day to day with them and I always learn a lot from them, many life lessons.

008 Chap

Regarding sports, I’m a fan of Ronaldo. I saw the the highest world cup goalscorer and he played in my team (Corinthians) at the end of his career, it was a shame he quit playing and could not have played and scored a goal against Chelsea in 2012 in Japan.

Speaking of football, how is the vibe there regarding the World Cup?

Here, everyone knows that Brazil is not 100% prepared, it is very complicated to explain, because we would have to get into a political and social issues.

Speaking of the Brazilian passion for football, it is very large; surely this will help Brazilians to make a good World Cup.

Any tips for us on the sidelines, teams or players that you would watch out for?

From Brazil I believe the number 8 Paulinho and 11 Neymar will make a difference!

We’re scared of Germany, they are really very good!

Back to the beats, what’s coming up for you sir?

If all goes right I will start a party with DJ Andrezz, our liquid funk D&B night in São Paulo, the INFX. We have conducted the INFX podcast and it will be a big joy to take our music to a club.

Musically-speaking, there’s a new EP in collaboration with Andrezz coming out by Liquid V. Tunes in collaboration with producers inside and outside Brazil and some remixes are also coming, some are already finished.

Also, I will be part of a new project with L-Side & Andrezz, we’ll go into the studio to start work soon.

Thanks sir!

Thanks D&BArena, I hope to talk again very soon!

You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


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