D&Brazil: C.A.B.L.E.

D&Brazil: C.A.B.L.E.


There’s literally no rules for this process…

His artist name is a total mystery. He’s as much a pure (heavy) metalhead as much as being into the more D&B-oriented version of the phrase. He embraces some aspects of D&B that may not instantly come to mind if Brazil is all samba, sweat and undulating forms to some.

He is the Brazilian maverick known as C.A.B.L.E. and he links us up accordingly.

Straight off: what’s the atmosphere like in your country, sir, with the You-Know-What-Cup? Some are into it, some aren’t.

There’s always a downside for that kind of thing, but I’d rather talk about the good side. Brazil looks awesome!

Places crowded with people, everybody looks happy, on the same vibe! And I love a great party, whatever the occasion.

So I enjoy this side of it, even not really been the biggest soccer fan… I know, you don’t expect to read that from a Brazilian, but it’s true.

I went to Rio this weekend, and I have to admit people seems to be more committed to the World Cup itself than São Paulo, but the whole country seems to be enjoying it.

The only concern is what’s gonna happen when this is over.

What does your name, C.A.B.L.E. refer to? I always wondered!

There was a time I used to explain the whole meaning of it, and people still didn’t understand! Ha ha. So lately, all I say is “basically it’s an anagram for good dancefloor music. Based on a strong name”. Make sense?

So how has 2014 been in the hyperactively great world of C.A.B.L.E.?

Very good, mate. I’ve been spending more time in the studio for the past couple of years, trying to achieve different sounds and just basically writing music. ‘Individual’ was released on BTK’s Dutty Audio (preview below), ‘Ask Me a Question’ forthcoming on a very cool compilation from LuvDisaster. I’m also negotiating a couple of singles that I really wanted to see out there…

I love your sound, your style. It’s so hybrid. So how would you describe what you do, your personal style? I always loved the Change of Seasons ep.

Thank you so much mate. It’s hard to define what’s my style, I try to create my “sound” but I always end up all over the place.

I had a few people over the years saying “oh, this is so you, this is your track I can tell, this has C.A.B.L.E. all over it” but I just sit in the studio and try to use everything I like.

I always tend to be more on the tech/neuro side to create certain sounds, but I always end up with an old skool vibe for the groove and beats.

You can picture what I’m saying if you take ‘Sharpening Knives’ (Architecture), ‘My Reason to Live’ (31 Records) and ‘New Infection’ (Innerground): they all sound very different, they fit on different sub-genres, but they’re all done the same way I did all of my tracks.

It’s music to dance to.

So if someone was checking you for the first time, what tunes would you cite to check?

My all time personal favourite is ‘Transmission’ released on Dutty Audio. I think this track in particular represents where I wanted to get when I started to produce music. And also ‘New Infection’, that has more of that old skool groove that I love so much.

What things inspire you to write?


It can happen listening to different genres of music, seen other musicians play, listening to a vocal line and think of a melody out of it, ambient sounds, or just sitting at the studio for long hours just banging on the keyboard and messing around with VSTs. There’s literally no rules for this process.

And that whole thing of mumbling a melody on the recorder? I’ve done it for several years. If I’m on the road I use an app to get the melody down.

Back to your roots, what kickstarted you?

When I started DJing I was playing house, and then I migrated to D&B in 98. Bad Company: the biggest influence. Also True Playaz had a big part as well, and one of my biggest idols, Marcus Intalex. This guy is just a genius.

I listen to a lot of rock, anything from Exodus, Metallica, Slayer, to blues and rock guitar music such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ritchie Blackmore and Buddy Guy. And a lot of classical music, especially Paganini and Bach and a few others from the late Baroque and early Romantic period.

I’m also into a good amount of hip hop over the years and got to mention that whole wave of dance music from early 90s, like Deee-Lite.

Put all that in a blender and you have this weird musical mess that I am!

What’s a great experience or memory you would share with us regarding playing your music?

There’s a few moments that I can’t forget, small things but it gave me a huge personal satisfaction. Like going to Swerve for the first time and as I walk in Fabio is playing one of my tunes.

Also a time playing in Boston on my birthday, people kept giving me gift drinks, and as I looked around the booth there was no space left, that was awesome! And I can’t forget when I played Marky & Friends at Clash Club in São Paulo, one of the best parties I’ve ever been to.

Speaking of Brazil again there, where is the Brazilian D&B scene heading?

Things are not what it used to be, reach and popularity-wise, but still good and solid. A lot of new names, really good ones. I’ve seen some of them grow as producers – like Andrezz and Chap – and I think they got a great result with their sound.

A round up: there’s Level 2, L Side, Nitri, Critical Dub, Unreal, Jfx who’s doing a lot of trap and dubstep too… 2FunkyZ just got back in the studio, the boys from LuvDisaster are doing really well… everybody is doing a great job. I just finished a collab with Digital Hunters too.

And how does it all compare with that Brazilian tidal wave of about 14 years back?

Back on the early 2000s there was that massive wave of people using Brazilian samples, after the huge success of ‘LK’. But I think today producers are more “global”, doing their own thing, but not relying on that formula anymore.

So what are you feeling right now, D&B-wise?

The new Noisia EP is just insane and there’s a few things here and there that I really like from Ram, BTK, Blackout Music and Shogun.

On other genres, Crosses – the side project of Chino Moreno from Deftones – is just beautiful! Still listening to the latest KoRn album and Sevendust, to name a few.

I like trap, I’m a big fan of Rashad, Mr. Carmack, some Brazilian guys from the Wobble Crew, Sants, Cybass and house as well, especially things from ToolRoom, Prok & Fitch, Siwell.

I’m really open to new things.

You mentioned your collab, what else is on the horizon?

I got ‘Ask me A Question’ coming out on Luv Disaster’s World Cup Compilation.

‘Dark Passenger’ on Vandal’s 10 years anniversary album and a couple of singles on the trigger. I’ll keep updating about it all on my page.

This is what I live for, so it means the world to me if people like what I do.

And just to keep the world cup spirit: “Ta tendo Copa sim”.

You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


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