Data 3: on ‘Rotation’ + mix

Data 3: on ‘Rotation’ + mix


Power trio Data 3 took time out from a super hectic schedule – into which they will elaborate – to discuss their contribution to Rotation, Part Two… check the playlist of the album below. And did we mention the mix? That’s there too, in the form of the massively anticipated Addictive Podcast 013.

Hey Data 3, what you up to?

Hey Damian, we’re just recovering from Hospitality In the Park and the Addictive Behaviour album launch. It was a long haul but we managed it and had a great time!

What was the moment you determined to get into D&B in a major way, what made the decision? Was it a tune or a combination of factors?

All three of us got into D&B at a very young age, mainly due to having older siblings and friends. Each of our journeys were a little different: Myself (Alex) and Harry were making dubstep for a few years before we met Dan in 2011 and started making Drum and Bass together.

Take us into the tune you have on the Rotation… it’s got a lot of energy and idiosyncrasies.

‘Sleepwalking’ is very in line with the sound we’ve started to settle into. Until this point I think we had still been waiting to find ‘our sound’.

We love dark rollers that aren’t too technical and are easy to dance to, Heavy sub lines with dark synths in the mix is what we love making at the moment.

Back to the Addictive Behaviour album launch… by all accounts was great.

Yes we played at the work bar last night in Angel for the Rotation album launch, was a perfect way to end the night after playing a set at Hospitality in the park earlier on.

The LED roof was awesome! Would definitely like to come back and play there.

London D&B is healthy as ever? (though am mindful that 2/3rds of you are from Manchester)… what would you say?

I think that Hospitality in the Park was a real milestone for London and UK Drum and Bass.

Sometimes I feel people are priced out of D&B nights in London just because it’s an expensive city!

Soul in Motion is a free D&B night every two weeks though which is cool.

What’s a ‘dream’ spot you’d like to play?

Would have to go for either Boomtown or outlook festival, we’re just getting into the festival scene and loving every minute of it!

What tracks are causing damage, live?

Benny L ‘Low Blow’. Feels like we’ve been playing this out for ages and still no release date set but it goes off every time, Benny is a very talented producer.

We also have a new single coming out soon which seems to be getting a very good reception so far.

And what’s inspiring you in D&B?

Pretty much any tune from the forthcoming Fourward album.

Every track is quality. Biggest release in years.

Rotation Part Two
Addictive Behaviour

Data 3: Addictive Podcast 013

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.
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