Cyantific: Feel The Love!

Cyantific: Feel The Love!

CYANTIFIC FEELNext week sees the release of Cyantific’s Your Love. A vibrant electro-tinged, rainbow rave-up, it’s an instant ‘hug-out’ track ideal for these rare consistently gorgeous summer conditions. What’s more, it’s coupled with a brash, bold underground bass romp Hold Back.

Showcasing both sides to Cyantific’s wide-eared range, it boasts something for all sides of the dance. We called him up to find out more about the release… And discovered a lot more about him in the process including his love for boating, his forthcoming album and how he’s trying not to listen to any drum & bass right now!

Two tunes, two massive different sides to your style. Which came first?

I made Your Love first. I’d been listening to a lot of French house at the time and was really inspired.

Inspired by the Daft Punk album?

No it was actually before the Daft Punk album came along. I was listening to Alan Braxe and Fred Falke. That type of vibe. It all began a few months back, I wrote a few ideas at the start of the year and that was the end result. I added the vocal and it all came together.

Was there anything in particular that motivated your French house inspirations?

You go through phases of listening to things don’t you? When you’re writing stuff it rubs off on you, you take it and end up working on something that’s similar. I’m actually trying to avoid all drum & bass at the moment for this reason. I’m taking a little time off DJing at the moment to work on my new album. It makes life easier when you avoid drum & bass in this situation.

You soak up hooks and vibes through osmosis sometimes…

Definitely. If you’re DJing all the time and you’re listening to a lot of D&B it really rubs off on you. I’ll be sitting in the studio and play a melody and think and ‘oh hold on, that’s the new Hazard tune’ You don’t know you’re doing it then suddenly it’s like ‘oh shit! He got there first!’

Haha! Let’s have a little buzz on Hold Back… Did you pick it as the B-side for a proper contrast of what you do?

Yeah it was definitely picked as the B-side to complement Your Love. The way the industry has gone, you have to show as much of yourself as possible. It’s a good way to do it; you can express yourself musically and give the fans some straight up down-the-line drum & bass. If you do two tunes that are similar you’re not expressing yourself fully.

True dat. So tell us about the album!

It’s my first album as a solo artist. It’s taken me three years of writing on my own to get to this point and find where it is I want to sit. If you pick the best tunes out of those three years you could have an album but it doesn’t work like that. I want a concentration of material that emphasises all my sounds. I’ve got a lot of unfinished stuff, bits that are almost ready to go, other bits have a lot more work to go!

Good luck with it all! Let’s wrap-up with a rundown of three things you’re loving right now…


I’ve been spending a lot of time on a boat I’m lucky enough to have access to. Just on the Thames, around Teddington, Richmond area. It’s just a little dingy with an engine. I’ve never fallen in, but my girlfriend almost did last weekend! I was offered an old canal boat from my aunt and uncle once. It’s not for me, though; it looks like great fun but the winters could get pretty bleak!

My Girlfriend

I’ve recently started seeing an amazing girl. I’ve written a few tracks for her. She’s more into the Critical sounding stuff so I’ve made some tunes specifically for her. Of course she likes everything I do but yeah, I’m loving her right now!


I’ve been loving BBQs right now. Last year I felt really ripped off; I didn’t go to one! It was combination of busyness and rubbish weather but this year has been nonstop – you can’t beat cooking and eating outside.

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.
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