Concept Vision & Segment: Deep Impact

Concept Vision & Segment: Deep Impact

D&B is all about good times, who could argue? Take the recent outing from Concept Vision & Segment – AKA Igor and Evgeny – entitled Meteor.

With a cover promising imminent fiery, global apocalypse.

Hey, I have to say it’s all a bit scary ep concept-wise… I mean Meteors, Mudslides, Mindshakers, they’re all on here… it’s all pretty intense! What made you come from this angle?

Ha ha, no, we are don’t pursue the idea of the Apocalypse in our ep.

In the process of making sounds, we tend to feel such strong emotions from the tracks that names just come in our head sometimes.

So speaking of the ep… ?

With Meteor, we started to work together just accidentally.

Igor sent me his new demo with great basslines, atmospheres… but the drums were a little bit weak. So I offered to make his drums more fat! Then I made some basslines, synth and so on and so forth.

I have to ask about the title tune itself… ironically it’s both pretty fiery and full of impact.

‘Meteor’ was born after first attempts to working together. When the first tune was done, we decided to make the tune as a duo and we wrote this track for a week. Our motto was ‘Don’t sleep, don’t eat’… it was a case of us just sitting and writing all the elements for the track.

You’ve done this ep for Blackout, so how did you come to the attention of the label?

Initially ‘Meteor’ was sent to another label together with ‘Deserted’. Then I received a message from Misha (BSE) and we decided to release it through Blackout.

What other artists are your friends and colleagues in music?

Among colleagues we’d count people such as Brain Crisis, Teddy Killerz (Place 2B, Paimon and Garud), Andy Pain… with these guys we keep in touch almost every day. We share the demos, communicate, spend free time with them.

Back to the ep, why the title ‘Deserted’? Why did that come to mind for this tune?

On ‘Deserted’ we departed from the vocal sample… and we wanted to give the track more of a sharp, catchy name. Just as it drops on dancefloors.

What D&B tune is a favourite right now?
Evgeny: Calyx & Teebee ‘Dual Processed’ (feat MC Verse)
Igor: Black Sun Empire & Jade ‘Deadhouse’ (Mefjus & InsideInfo Remix)

Do you have shouts and maybe some live dates?

We want to send shout to anyone who support our tracks and love what we are do! Keep watchin’! Soon there’s some sick news from us!

Thanks for this interview!

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