Command Strange lands on V

Command Strange lands on V


When the news arrived that Command Strange had signed to V Recordings there was a feeling that it made total sense: he’s prolific and unpredictable and been into D&B since the age of seven… totally unique, pure, organic ‘V’ chemistry there in other words, considering the label’s amazing cast of characters.

Alexey originally hails from Kazakhstan, and this fact alone is fascinating as it is STEEPED in layers of unbelievable history. Not to mention featuring the world’s tallest chimney: take that, for some industrial strength insight.

We caught up ahead of ‘Can’t Stop’ and ‘The Gang’… soon on V.

How’s the year been f­or you CS?

Every year is getting better and better! This year is going very good, great parties, great music, great people I met.

You’re known for many years now as one of the most prolific and remarkable producers in D&B…

There’s not much releases from myself like a few years ago, where sometimes I’ve released three or four records per month, but nowadays it’s just four or five releases per year.

They are strong releases however.

So where is the homebase for you nowadays?

Now I’m based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I love this beautiful city, a cultural and musical capital. D&B is massive here; we got plenty of great producers, parties and fans.

How does it feel to b­e a part of V?

it’s such a honour to be part of V family. My favourite label for years! Bryan Gee is the best selector, he just keeps it real, not going to mainstream or the dark side. V’s got their own way and different styles and that’s what I really like. Diversity of all the labels like Philly Blunt, Liquid V, Chronic and V Recordings… fits perfect with my vision of D&B.


First off… who is ‘­The Gang’????? Sounds­ interesting!

The Gang is just a name I associate with aggressive mood of the the tune.

I was trying to make a dancefloor track, and to be honest I’m a bit worried because it sounds heavy, what people may not expect from myself. But I’m happy about the support by DJs like Hype, Bryan Gee, JJ Frost…

‘Can’t Stop’ is an infectious tune, I love­ it. What inspired it­?

Thanks glad you like it! ‘Can’t Stop’ is a proper roller, which sounds like three different tracks in one. I like to add switches, something that makes a tune more interesting. Inspired by old school V sounds of Die, Krust and Roni Size.

So will we find you i­n the UK again for sh­ows soon?

Yeah: I did two mini tours in the UK this year and I’m trying to arrange it again, later in October and November.

What tune would you p­ick – any genre – tha­t inspires?

I will choose the track from my childhood, when I was 8 years old: Good Looking Records, Seba & MC Conrad ‘Planetary Funk Alert’ still inspires me a lot !

What have you learned­ from your time in D&­B?

From technical side I’ve learned a lot of things by spending hours and hours in the studio, the best way is practice.

I’m so happy to about my time in D&B.

I would never have been able to travel so much, to see the beautiful places, to play on the great parties, I would never have met many people who are now my friends and without which I can not imagine my life.
Can’t Stop/The Gang

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.
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