Come Dine With Beats: Ingredients Exclusive!

Come Dine With Beats: Ingredients Exclusive!

Fancy a Monday treat? Read on for exclusive Ingredients music AND munchies!

Following last week’s exclusive audio bombshell from Octane & DLR comes another Drum&BassArena special. Audio will you not hear anywhere else and an apple cake recipe, purloined from Mark Recoil’s dear old granny! It’s sharp and sweet, just like Ingredients output.

Need a refresher? Check the teaser of the label’s forthcoming EP Mise En Place below: A 10 minute beat banquet of rich sonic flavours it’s cooked by established artists and fresh exciting faces. It’s the latest in a long line of delectable musical menus the label have given us this year. For label boss Clive Psylence, however, it’s business as usual.

“I’ve mixed up new guys with some more of our regular faces to really represent Ingredients as a whole,” he tells us. “There’s so much music out there it’s hard for everyone keeping up. Pushing new people whose music is great but might get overlooked with bigger names seems to work well. It’s great, people start noticing the new faces before.”

Mise En Place is the quintessential example of this progressive approach: Both Stealth & Stylus and Kinetic & Mark Recoil make their début on the same release as dBridge’s remix of Kodo’s The Jackal and Villem’s remix of Foreign Concept’s Jaipur. From deep and rolling to uncompromising techy grit, the full strength set is out September 24 and this is how it sounds….

Mise En Place Part One follows several killer singles from the likes of Anile, Krakota, Kodo, Tyrone and Villem and the Choice Cuts series; two comprehensive compilations bulging with fresh beats. It seems Ingredients are firing on all cylinders in 2012.

“Last year was all about putting out the releases and putting our flags out,” says Clive. “This year has been more about pushing it as a label and a brand. I’ve put on nights, there’s been the compilations and we’ve got some great things coming up later this year…”

Clive remains tight lipped about the exciting future releases on Ingredients, although we can confirm a Break remix is on the cards very soon. No one, however, can be tight lipped about Granny Recoil’s Apple Cake. Not just responsible for great music, Ingredients boast a fine repertoire of DJ’s recipes. An ex-chef, yet again for Clive, it’s business as usual.

“You’d be surprised how many DJs are great cooks! About 75% of our artists have all submitted recipes and those who don’t get one of mine. I’ve got a whole load we can use. This recipe is great, it’s his grandma’s! It’s her secret recipe! Well, not so secret now…”

No, and neither is the fact that Mise En Place Part 1 is going to be massive. Listen to the beats. Cook the cake. Eat the cake. Listen to the beats again. Whatever… Just enjoy!

Granny Recoil’s Apple Cake


4oz butter
8oz self raising flour
Pinch salt
8oz apples (cooking/bramley apples)
4oz sugar
1 egg beaten
Milk to mix

You will also need an 8” cake tin and a mixing bowl.


Using a small amount of butter, grease up the cake tin and put to one side.

Mix the flour and salt together and then rub in the butter. Chop the butter up into small pieces to make this easier. The mixture should look like breadcrumbs (left)

Chop the apples into small chunks and add to the mixture along with the sugar. Mix gently.

Fold in the beaten egg and enough milk (roughly 2 tablespoons) to make fairly stiff dough (left)

Put the mixture into the greased cake tin and bake at 190degrees or gas mark 5 for 45 mins or until firm and golden brown.

When cooked, take out of the oven and place on a rack to cool.

When cool, sprinkle some icing or caster sugar over the top et voilà!

Best served with clotted cream or ice cream.

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.
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