Clima: Sketches of Spain

Clima: Sketches of Spain

The elusive Spanish duo Clima have made a fleeting appearance on Dust Audio in the form of the Eleven Thirty One ep. You have to imagine them in silhouette framed by a hazy blue sky… maybe get that image firmly lodged while you take in the mix they have exclusively done for us, at the end of this interview. And one thing more: are they planning a true first for the genre… ? Read on.

There’s some potent streams running through the Eleven Thirty One ep… is there a unifying theme?

Each one came at a certain time but all are influenced by the idea of not giving up in any aspect.

So when you say ‘Everything Can Change’ in a track title what does that mean and is it drawn from personal experience?

We refer generally to moods.

It’s amazing how one day you can see all things grey and the next day you have a totally different perception of the same problem and see everything much better.

That’s life with its ups and downs.

What’s some tunes on the ep you would curate for us?

‘Against All Odds’ came in one of those days where you are full of energy and you feel far from surrender and with that ‘warrior’ feeling.

You have to continue with the hard work no matter what the obstacles before you and we wanted to transmit this kind of feeling… about not to surrender.

‘Real Human Being’ emerged as a message that is about this: behind all the conversations we have via computers, mobile, social media, etc we must not forget that we are humans. Because sometimes there’s the feeling that everything is very cold and mechanical and loses the human touch.

And the overall title ‘ Eleven Thirty One’, what does it refer to?

Javier practiced inline skating for years and he has an old video named ‘1131’ that he watched a millions times ha ha!

What is your D&B scene like in Spain? If a club there plays this (ie your) vibe then I want to get there soon!

Unfortunately the type of sound that we play doesn’t have much broadcast here, especially in big clubs; although it’s true that there are some people who support this at the moment and it seems this vibe is growing every day.

We also have to say that the D&B scene in Spain is not particularly big, and most of the clubs don’t have the proper conditions for playing this kind of bass sounds.

Hopefully if you ever come around here things will be better!

Now I hear you have a single on the horizon, a 7 inch? That is unusual and sooo cool! Maybe a first for D&B?

We’re excited about this! It’s very important for us. We have been thinking about this possibility since the beginning because we really are vinyl lovers!

The idea of putting future thinking D&B stuff on a 7 inch sounded cool to us and reminds us about the classic format on dub singles, which obviously is a genre that we also love. It will be released on Turbine Music and is a collab with our man Red Army who has an EP forthcoming on Turbine Music before the vinyl drops.

Speaking of immersing yourself in the medium and the possibilities, where did the beautiful cover art come from?

That was conceived by Dan from the label and the picture is from a local photographer by the name Robert Bentley. We love this.

What tunes are in your head right now?

Blocks & Escher’s ‘Razor’ and Red Army’s ‘Crispin Glover’ forthcoming on his Turbine Music EP. We’re mad about these ones!

And what’s happening in D&B that inspires you?

We like a lot of music that is coming out now, from not-too-well-known names but so innovative and with great quality. It seems that gradually more people will value the work of these artists and labels.

We want to give shouts to Dan, Chris and everyone on Dust Audio/Turbine Music for all the trust they put in us, and to all the people in Diffrent Music, Rawganics, Skutta Records and other labels which we work.

We also want to give shout to artists that are involved with us and give us that extra support that we value so much, people like Red Army, Homemade Weapons, Dexta, Amoss, Dyl, H. Shiratori, Dominic Ridgway, Concealed Identity, Daat, Enorme and the list goes on.

Eleven Thirty One ep

Exclusive Clima mix

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


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