Brookes Brothers: Good Karma

Brookes Brothers: Good Karma


The ever amicable Brookes Brothers have delivered ‘Good To Me’ featuring the unique delivery of Majesty. Whose vocals provided an irresistible force not on within the tune but as the perfect discussion point about which to BEGIN…

So how did you link up with Majesty? What a great voice.

Yeah he’s got silky tones! Definitely a talent to keep an eye on. Our old manager found him on online and introduced us. I think ‘Good To Me’ was one of the first studio sessions he’d done.

Smashed it.

I love the tune as it’s understated and really catchy. It made me think of Prince in a way: how he could drop ‘big’ tracks – like you – but also he would do casual tracks too, things that sounded sort of hazy and breezy in a way… like this. How does that sit?

Thanks that sits pretty good! That’s what we were trying to do, after all the ‘singley’ singles it’s nice to keep people guessing a bit.

D&B in 2015 was either proper hard & dark or just straight pop – we wanted to just focus on writing quality music and leave the rest to the universe.

Tell us about the flip? and Bmotion’s work?

Ben is one of the up and coming artists on Viper who is making some waves in the scene. He has a nice and varied approach to his production, ranging from brutal dancefloor to eighties inspired musical stuff. He is also Welsh and we love Welsh people.

He did a great job on the remix.

So having been doing D&B for so long now you must have travel stories? got one?

We’ve got a few but they would require heavy censorship, to the point where they’re actually crap stories!


Travelling then: does it get a little grey when it’s airport to airport, hotel to hotel etc? Sounds fun to me!!! OR is it a grind. What keeps it fun?

The travelling can vary from a breeze to a nightmare but 95% of the gigs are fun. It’s always nice to catch up with some of the people in the scene who you’ve kind of grown up with over the years but rarely get to see.

Who in D&B producer-wise has impressed you? why? I always feel that the Russian crew and the American crew are full of surprises.

There’s so much technically wicked d&b around – that constantly impresses us to be honest. We really enjoyed the new Annix LP on Playaz. All in all I think the new generation have a bit of catching up to do..

So what is next for the 2016?

Currently putting the finishing touches to our second Brookes Brothers album, so that should be surfacing at some point over the summer. Staying busy touring. Making every day count. And a couple other musical projects to keep us creatively fulfilled and rolling in cash.

What random tune is in your head right now?

‘Don’t Stop Never Give Up’ S Club 7

Good To Me

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.
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