Bredren: Under Control

Bredren: Under Control

Bredren, it would appear, have wordlessly driven you to an undisclosed location – blindfolded, no doubt – and with a soft click of the door behind you closing, have sat down and discretely pressed play on this unique new ep of theirs, entitled Control. As situations go, it’s a bit unsettling and unpredictable.

Bredren, if your Control ep was a place, where is it, and what time of year?

1914, in a trench.

I really lose myself in it as it has a feeling that it is NOT RUSHED: it’s a journey, to be taken steadliy, not rushed… particularly ‘Carnage’. How does that sit with you?

It’s like you understand it completely. We always work like that; take things slow and at our own pace.

To be honest with you, Carnage sounded completely different in the beginning. We were just experimenting with some ‘works in progress’ as we like to call them. We do that very often lately.

Now I note that some themes here are quite grim! ‘Carnage’, ‘Wasteland’… is that intentional?

After a track is finished we sit back and listen to it a few times. We try to get in the vibe and think about things it reminds us of. We just start brainstorming about a suitable name…

Most of the time we finally save it under a complete random name like ‘rotten tune’ or ‘bizarre’. Finding a nice title isn’t that easy ha ha.


It leads on that mechanical things, rusted things, dying buildings, well they are fascinating. Films like No Country For Old Men had that, showing a world where things are faded: is there a part of that in this?

We like the movie but nothing like a movie – for example – inspired us to make this EP.

All the tunes were made with one goal: going deep and trying to deliver something that hasn’t been done before.

My fave track is the last one ‘Wasteland’, the weird bird noises, the artificial sounds: odd and strange, a similar reaction to hearing leftfield electronica in the past.

Actually as always the tune came out of nowhere: we just started off to create a semi-half beat pattern and later on the vibe around the tune started to create itself. Our good friend & D&B companion Phase heard a VIP of this tune and sent us some jungle/bird sounds to get this tune all wrapped up.

To go off on a leftfield tangent, what are some tunes you would fit in a set if were asked to play non D&B?

Too many to mention, but if you really insist…
Johnny Cash ‘Get Rhythm’
James Brown ‘Payback’
The Doors ‘The Changeling’
Amy Winehouse ‘You Send Me Flying’
Hot Natured & Ali Love ‘Benediction’

Synkro ‘Acceptance’
Paleman ‘Half Out’
Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo ‘Dappy’
Combo ‘So Real’ (Huxley Remix)
Ten Walls ‘Walking with Elephants’

Dusky ‘Calling Me’
Hot Natured & Ali Love ‘Forward Motion’
Deepshape ‘Atami’ (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
Presk & Cinnaman ‘Sweat Doc’ (Daneeka Remix)
Ten Walls ‘Gotham’


I have heard some amazing D&B from your country this year, is it a good scene? Where are some spots we could check?

The scene is indeed very healthy over here. We have some really good venues in every big city. In Gent we have the Vooruit, known for the famous Star Warz events, in Antwerp we have Petrol, in Brussels we have the remarkable Recyclart… which is a train station during daytime and a venue at night! Of course there are plenty of underground clubs everywhere in Belgium.

We can’t complain!

In the end it doesn’t matter how big the venue is, it’s all about a good atmosphere and that’s often the case.

Finally, any shouts?

First we would like to thank Carlos from Demand Records for releasing this EP. Much appreciation goes out to Basher and whole the Proximity crew, they’ve been supporting us since the beginning… and the whole Belgium Crew!

Control ep

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.