Boston: Panoramic Vision

Boston: Panoramic Vision


Boston is back with his third EP on Symmetry, and it’s just as inspired as we expected it to be.

Last time we spoke to the Welsh producer he was fresh-faced and dropping his first release on the label.

The Panoramic EP exhibits the traits of a mature producer who is continuing to perfect his craft, and is certainly succeeding in doing so. We caught up to get the backstory on the EP and more…

Yes Jack – thanks for joining us again mate! What’s new in Cardiff?

Yo Maja, thanks for having me! Cardiff is smashing the D&B scene at the moment, with more promoters than ever respecting and supporting each others’ nights. Theres a big headliner every weekend, which is sick for such a small city.

Great to hear! Last time we spoke you had dropped your debut release on Symmetry, and here you are back with your third release on the label, the lush Panoramic EP. How long did this project take to piece together?

Between a hectic Masters degree, it took about 6 months end to end. A lot of that time was spent sampling, recording and working with collaborators. The creative process of piecing the tunes together was fairly quick as I was feeling really inspired by all the new sounds I’d collected and created.


‘Life Is’ is seriously slick. That playful piano… Absolutely sublime. How did the link with Undersound and Vanity come about?

Gareth (Undersound) is a top bloke! And a lot of fun to work with in the studio. We had both been making similar music for a while so decided to get together and give a collaboration a go. Gareth is an incredible multi-instrumentalist, so between us we were able to get some great tones and textures to use in the track. More importantly he is very easy to work with and is very creative. We will be working together again for sure!

I first heard Vanity’s voice on a track called ‘Redlight’ by the Baby Queens. As soon as I heard it I was determined to work with her! She’s a wicked lyricist and great to work with in the studio. The whole collaboration of ‘Life Is’ was a process of musical & creative growth for all involved.


Well it certainly translates through the music. Your guitar skills really give your productions a certain air of sophistication. So we can appreciate the extent of your talents here – is that you on guitar in every track as well? And piano too?

For the majority of the EP, yes. Gareth did the nylon acoustic guitar work and some of the electric lead parts on life is. The piano is also sampled in that track. Throughout the rest of the EP, the Rhodes piano and guitar parts are mostly my own. Owning a selection of guitars and a Rhodes piano has definitely pushed my instrumental ability and allowed me to convey my creativity more easily.

Know Your Roots – that vocal sample evokes a real emotional reaction in me for some reason. Seriously beautiful. Where’d you hunt that sample from?

It was from some Angolan Roots music. The original track had exactly the same effect on me when I heard it! His voice is incredibly evocative and was perfect for a D&B track.


That it is! I’m getting a kind of South American vibe throughout.. Classical guitar, etc.. was there any particular inspiration/ influence throughout?

I’m loving the Samba and Bossa Nova vibes at the moment and listening to artists like Nicola Conte and De-Phazz. South American music and culture really speaks to me and its influence sounds great in D&B! I’m heading to see my sister Grace, who lives in Seville later this month to record the musicians in the city. Stuff like that really excites me and inspires so much of my music.

Oh wow, can’t wait to hear what you do with that! 🙂 The title track is ethereal. Again, your attention to detail and ability to build an atmospheric vibe is incredibly impressive. What’s your studio set up looking like these days?

The studio is looking good at the moment, I’m very blessed to have an attic bedroom with great natural acoustics and a view over the city. I’m focusing more on investing in instruments and interesting hardware pieces. The picture is from last year but you get the idea!


Nice! Plans for the summer/ rest of the year?

I’ve been securing gigs and a couple of festival appearances over the summer… I’m most excited for Soundwave, Croatia this year though. It’s a pretty small festival but it’s one of the best vibes I’ve experienced with great music and good people. I cant wait to play out there this year!


What’s coming up next in terms of music?

I’m recording and producing an album of Wales and South West’s best musicians over the summer for my Masters degree. I’ve got a fair bit of D&B in the pipeline at the moment though and I’ll be continuing to release through Symmetry.

I want to use more session musicians in my music and create D&B with real recordings. The collaborations I have done with musicians so far have been some of my best and I want to work on that more.

Well we can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store! 🙂 Last track that gave you goosebumps?

Probably watching this performance as it has so much power and emotion.


Top pick! Final shouts?

Shouts to Charlie & Isha at Symmetry for providing a platform for me to release the sound that I want to make. Big love to my family and girlfriend Jess, and thank you to everyone buying and supporting the music!

The Panoramic EP is out now on Symmetry. Get it here


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