Blocks & Escher: Concrète Narratives

Blocks & Escher: Concrète Narratives


Bristling from what was a apparently a firing night in London at – let’s face it, one of the best spots on the planet – Corsica, it was time to chat with Blocks & Escher, deftly firing on all cylinders with the vibrant-yet-visceral, evocative new release on Narratives. It’s ‘Calla/Jimmy’ and… who are they? Names from a novel set in the middle of a dusty nowhere? Chainsmoking, doomed leads from some ’60s French new wave film? The mind is instantly ensnared as is ever the case with any output from this crew…

I feel with this music that you are running on a very rich creative vein right now! Is that the case?

I wish it came that simply. I don’t think its like we have hit some rich well of creativity: rather we’re becoming a lot more aware of how we want to sound.

That we don’t necessarily have to ‘fit in’ or produce in a certain way. The freedom is refreshing.

Where did ‘Calla’ come from? What struck me was the rich array of sounds: it keeps you guessing, it surrounds you.

It was a piece we just nibbled at over some weeks. I suppose the idea was to keep it organic in terms of how elements flowed in without switches or drops. The title seemed to fit at the end…

As creative as you are what fuels it: what physical things? Hell, it could be strong coffee, it could be technology, it could be meditation… you name it.

Right now, I’d say, rest, coffee, paracetamol. But we played Rupture recently at Corsica Studios so feeling it today.

Do you ever feel the need to explain your titles or is it best left non-specific? I guess am leading up to… who’s Jimmy?

I don’t think people need to be spoonfed shit.

People can attribute whatever they like to our music: it’s for them to hear what it means. Having said that, ‘Jimmy’ is an obvious title for the track, if you knew where the sample came from…

This tune must demolish on the live front? I have to say that section about 2.40 in is gnarly.

It was just an opportunity to do something simple and gnarly. I think it was Ian Curtis who said ‘We do make beautiful music, but some of our music isn’t meant to be beautiful’.

Has 2014 been the year you may have envisaged? What highlights have you had, culturally?

Hmm interesting… You know what, I’ll answer with one thing: best arts event this year for me was the release of Nick Cave’s 20,000 Days on Earth. As a film about creativity it is untouchable. Whether you’re into his music or music in general, it is an inspirational firebomb.


The ‘20,000 days’ obviously eludes to a lifetime on earth and his words just spark a match: ‘Our days on Earth are numbered, there’s no time to be idle’.

Can you give us a glimpse into future projects and plans?

Narratives will continue with some stunning releases planned. Some fresh artists and the return of Rhyming in Fives with a bloody amazing follow up EP.

We’re knuckling down in the studio at present. We have just finished a remix for Goldie and working towards a bigger project.

And some shouts?

Everyone who supports and believes in what we do.


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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.

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