BLACKOUT in Belgium – Promoter Q&A

BLACKOUT in Belgium – Promoter Q&A
16 Jun, 2011

So how did the Blackout event start?

Blackout is the work of two organisations, F*ckin’ Beat & Suburb Soundz. We met each other some months ago and decided to collaborate on a major event in Brussels, and then we got in contact with Black Sun Empire events in Holland. We wanted to bring the best drum & bass & dubstep producers to Belgium.

Tell us about the venue.

Tour & Taxis is the biggest and most famous venue in Brussels. Major events like Couleur Café and many exhibitions take place there. It’s officially the first time that this place will host a major drum & bass event.

Are you proud to host artists from 6 different countries?

It’s actually one of the things that we are most proud of! Bringing to Belgium that many artists from everywhere is incredible. We got guys from the UK, South Africa, Germany, and more! Also we got some names like Aphrodite, Grooverider and Dillinja who I was listening to several years ago.

What’s special about Belgian drum & bass / dubstep events?

In Belgium, we are at the centre of Europe! There are many parties: all the biggest artists stop by Belgium during their tour. We have hosted acts like Skrillex, Flux Pavilion & Doctor P, Spor, Hazard, TC & many more. You can easily find an epic line up. Festivals like Dour or Pukkelpop also show the freshest guys in the game every year.

What do you guys think are the ingredients for the perfect drum &
bass / dubstep rave?

I think you have to consider that like in every type of music you have different generations who are into it. So to make the perfect party you have to bring artists for every type of public.
We’ve got some more established and famous names like Ed Rush or Aphrodite but also young fellas like Bare Noize, Chrispy or Foreign Beggars.

There are also many type of drum & bass, it’s not like 10 years ago. You have people like Grooverider who come out with a totally different sound to Phace or Counterstrike.
You see? If you have different people in your public audience, then you have to please each of them 😉

How hyped are people in Brussels & Belgium for the event?

In Belgium a massive portion of young people are starting to listen to drum & bass dubstep music. You can hear drum & bass on the radio, in shops, on TV, everywhere.. So we have a lot of people coming from all over the Belgium. So even if we don’t all speak the same language and we might not share a government all the youth come to Brussels to party in the same place.

Which sets are you guys looking forward to the most?

For me, APHRODITE! It’s the first drum & bass artist I’ve listened to. But also Foreign Beggars, Phace, Koan Sound, Ed Rush… I would like to listen to all of the artists in fact, but I doubt I will have the time on the night to hang out with a beer in front of the DJ booth!

What should people expect to see at Blackout?

The biggest indoor Belgian drum & bass & dubstep event ever organised! Some of the sets such as Phace b2b Misanthrop are also very rare in Belgium. Special live performances like Foreign beggars or AKS are also very sportive.
Soundystem & lights will also be really amazing!!!