Black Sun Empire: Top 5 Dream Collabs

Black Sun Empire: Top 5 Dream Collabs

Black Sun Empire had us rejoicing last week as they made their long-awaited return after an 8-month hiatus, and they did it in serious style.

Linking once again with NZ’s State of Mind, along with Mancunians Virus Syndicate for the first time, they unleashed ‘Caterpillar’, which is a lot more menacing than it sounds – trust.

BSE are certainly no strangers to mammoth collabs, so we caught up with Micha to see what their ultimate top 5 dream collabs would be, and of course asked why it’s been so long between releases, and scored the instrumental mix of Caterpillar along the way…


First thing’s first – it’s been a while between releases – 8 months in fact – was the break intentional?

No, we just had a major writer’s block… We got lost in the snare-kick-space-continuum and man, I tell you, that shit is hard to escape. It could have been a prequel to Bill and Ted’s Bogus adventures!

Could be a good idea for the next video? 😉 Glad you made it out the other side anyway! You’ve just dropped the beast that is Caterpillar with State of Mind & Virus Syndicate – how did the idea to link come about?

We love grime, we love viruses, and empires need syndicates… Things just made a lot of sense.

It’s all a lot clearer now… Is there a back-story to Caterpillar? 

It’s the worm that creates all the black holes in our universe and will swallow our world as we know it.

May as well run for our lives now then? Before we do, what’s coming up for you guys in 2017 (apart from the apocalypse)?

If there is enough time left before ‘the very hungry caterpillar’ eats us all, we’ve got A LOT of new music ready to roll out!

Can’t wait to hear it all! Now, along with Caterpillar you’ve had some seriously epic collab projects over the years, so give us your top 5 dream collabs with anyone dead or alive, and a reason why… GO!

1) Sohn – He’s one of the few artists that came out of nowhere and managed to grab me. Love his voice and melancholic vibe.

2) Tom Yorke – Lead singer of one of my all time favourite bands. He just keeps pushing the boundaries and that’s a thing you have to respect.

3) Stephan Bodzin – Very curious about how he creates his sounds and what his work flow is.

4) Nine Inch Nails – Probably one of my favourite concerts of last year.. Their music is so dark and edgy, but in the right way. Not just dark to be dark, but human.

5) Eminem & Dr Dre – Just because you only get one shot…

Caterpillar is out now on Blackout. Get it here.

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