ArpXP: Fade Away

ArpXP: Fade Away


As the sun has set once again on SunAndBass [cue gnashing of teeth/wistful expressions of various special memories] it was time to get completely transfixed all over again: specifically by the ample charms of ArpXP‘s new Fade Away ep.

Hey. How is life, how was SunandBass?

It was perfect, as always.

It perfectly represents that side of D&B that I really like, and I’m not talking about genres, scenes. It’s more about the human side.

Fade Away is a wonderful wonderful ep, when did you start work on it?

At a certain point, I don’t remember exactly when, I’ve felt the necessity to write some music without any specific goal.

No deadlines. No specific label to be sent: I was only trying to make music for myself, in my free time.

Why the title? It’s ‘sad’ by suggestion but also nice too as this is how memories are: from time fading away. But you tell us.

I would say melancholic, not sad.

MC Fava added his very personal approach to the original track; everything went great when he sent his spoken-word vocals.

It matched perfectly, and it’s east when you collaborate with such a talented guy!


Also I was hooked by ‘Dancers of the Stars’… the title made me think of Howl’s Moving Castle, and a dreamlike scene near the end. Just saying.

This track has been inspired by a book written by Sergio Atzeni, a Sardinian writer died 20 years ago.

It refers to the people who used to live in Sardinia thousand years ago: “dancers of the stars”, an ancient mythologic culture influenced by the real story of the Nuragic era… Sardinian prehistoric culture.

Amen breaks and prehistoric influences. Weird, isn’t it?

And ‘Endless Summer’? The title obviously evokes some nice thoughts here (though I like winter)… can you guide us?

I live in a more or less always sunny place, and sometimes I need grey skies and cold. It helps. Literally, in making my music.

What things/instruments do you like to use in the studio?

Basic setup. Laptop, microkorg, guitars and a couple of controllers.

What is a tune that is inspiring you right now?

It’s hard to pick only one good track.

I would say one from the new Commix on Metalheadz, ‘Freefall’ for example. And one from the Sinistarr EP on Exit.

Any shouts?

Sunandbass crew: Stefano, Martina, my brother FD, Maurs (last Life) and last but not least my love, Silvia.

They are the reason why I’m still making music.

Fade Away

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