Arkiteqt: Grand Designs

Arkiteqt: Grand Designs

Arkiteqt is an American producer who thinks rather large, a totally infectious 360 degree view on music and art that convinces you that if he was asked to write a new national anthem for Belarus it’d be a banger. And speaking of which, he’s given us Elektronix.

Tell us about ‘Elektronix’, the track you’ve kindly shared with us.

‘Elektronix’ was started recently to tease the public a bit about my upcoming album entitled Almost Human. The album will release in February and be about 20 songs. It’s almost all D&B with a few Glitch Hop tracks thrown in to give it a touch of variety.

Does this reflect the music of which you’re comprised?

I grew up on electronic music and my style at times is very hard to put a title and genre name on.

I started listening to dance music like Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy and the Crystal Method in the 90s. Before that I was into NIN and Manson and tons of punk rock actually.

The music I create is some strange combination of my dark tastes in dance inspired music with the metal and industrial music I grew up on. Listening to artists like The Doors and Pink Floyd as a child make me want to create music that invokes emotions that speak to the human spirit not just make kids dance. My favorite bands and artists are Tipper, Bluetech, Shpongle, Deftones, Tool, The Prodigy, Manson, Perfect Circle, AK1200, Deiselboy, Dj Dara, The Doors and Pink Floyd. I am sure I missed a few.

Lots of live acts there… speaking of, do you prefer the live thing or studio work?

I prefer to be in the studio rather than play live shows. I live and breathe sound design and as a software nerd I could sit in a studio all day every single day and be content.

After I graduated recording school I worked at Warner Bros Studio in Nashville for nearly three years and it was a beautiful brand new studio with a gorgeous Neve console that had been modded out with GML buss cards. I learned more there than I did in school. I love being in a studio more than anything.

Everything from the beautiful hardwood floors to the heat that comes off the big analog desks. The stories of the artists and their dreams that have come into fruition and just everything about the recording is beautiful to me.

What’s a studio tip from you?

My ‘go to’ tip for up and coming artists would be to get a great song writing template together. Whether it be a session you really think you killed it in or a custom template you create to start from. There is a ton of time wasted doing repetitive tasks in the studio. Eliminate that wasted time so you can focus on writing. when it is all said and done we are all ‘song writers’: what brings your fans in is songs and how you write the melodies. The colors that you use and the vibe that you set is what will suck people in and make you unforgettable.

Inspiring words, so what in general inspires you in arts & culture?

Music like Tipper really inspires to push my artistic abilities and not be afraid to not be on the radio or in the clubs playing twerk music. I don’t get a lot of shows where I live because people just don’t understand my music. I don’t blame them: they wanna go to the club and shake their booty and I want to take them on a musical journey that will leave their souls touched by what I played.

When I saw Evol Intent and AK1200 and Dara in the late 90s it was a moving experience. Dark, evil, bass heavy, nasty, fast-ass music that left you in a strange state but you knew something special had happened to you and everyone involved.

Overall I’m inspired by art that speaks to people and isn’t fake. Adam Psybe, Android Jones, Dima Yastronaut are my favorite new artists. I guess their art could be considered ‘transformational art’.

What would be a dream gig for you?

My dream gig would probably be Glastonbury. I want to connect with my audience and have them really share the moment with me. That is a lot to ask for an up and coming producer I realize. My dream is to play for an audience that will share what I feel in the same moment. I get wild on stage and my energy is through the roof when I play live.

I want to be the best for my fans and provide them with earth shattering bass and melodies that reach in to their hearts and make them feel emotions that are so powerful you know we are all alive together in that instance.

You’re hyped up & busy with all you do Arkiteqt, do you in fact sleep?

I’m a musician, label owner, engineer, producer and offer Ableton Live training. Being a man of multiple talents helps pay the bills!

And I’d rather be able to charge myself via USB and work all day in the studio than sleeping for six hours.

The link again? Elektronix

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.