Andy Pain: A Diffrent Take

Andy Pain: A Diffrent Take


Listen to it. Do something else. Get bugged, go back and listen again. Try to concentrate on other things. Fail. As part of what’s been a buzzing week in Fort Diffrent it was time to talk to Andy Pain about the infectious, itchy, un-put-down-able release in question, his split release with Z-Connection: ‘Take It/Horizon’. He’s not particularly into tum-tsch either as you’ll see.

Andy: when did ‘Take It’ come about, how did it evolve?

As I remember I was sitting in my studio, and just trying to make something new.

I had the idea to make a half-step tune, and when main beat was finished tune sounds empty, I added pads/atmospheres and were looking for something more, then I found an acapella which is where the female sample was taken from.

The sample’s wicked…

When I heard this phrase “take it” in the acapella, I immediately realised that this would be the main element in tune!

I have seen your work from so many sources, it must make you feel great to have so much work released. So what is the one thing that UNIFIES it, what connects it?

Yeah, we made a lot of tunes as “Andy Pain & Z-Connection”. I think, all of those works are connected with minimal, super-clear style.

All tunes we made, whether deep-atmospheric or a heavy roller… we tried to make it tight, fatty and ultra clean. In my opinion some tunes are real original, for example ‘Dive Ruv’ (below) and ‘Outsider’; it sounds special compared to other works.

There is always a wonderful sense of drama and mystery in your music, it always makes me wonder what will happen in the tune, what twists and turns will happen.

Oh yes, I like creating the anxiety with exciting and cinematic atmospheres throughout tunes. Making music is just like making movie for me.

I have an idea, and I want listener to feel feel this, what I feel. This is my intention.

How would you sum up ‘Take It/Horizon’ in general?

My tune is kinda slow and deep. And Z-Connection shows us another side of 170bpm, this is a fast juke beat: after listening which you will wanna dance.

Tell me about the scene you are part of in your country, what does it consist of, what artists?

I know great artist like Abstract Elements aka Bop & Diagram, Eastcolors, Kije, Segment aka Z-Connection and more! There are a lot of talented D&B people in Russia. I have listed only a very small part of them.

When you DJ what material will we hear? What’s the set comprised of?

I try to play interesting tunes, not just the same ‘tum-tsch’ at 170bpm. There could be my dubplates, dubplates from producers, whose music I like.

Sometimes I could play music outside the D&B realm; for example Two Fingers… bangers!

Speaking of, who else inspires you?

Music inspires me of course, especially when I stop listening to D&B music, I will listen to other electronic and instrumental music.

I like listening to MistaJam on BBC radio 1, sick show!I like watching films, good movies make a unique sense and after watching a movie I just wanna make tunes which will deliver the same feeling after listening. I like the cinematic thing, as I said.

Any shouts?

Big up Igor (ZC), nice to see you are still releasing music with me!! Big up to Dexta & all the Diffrent Music family, I’m glad that I’m now a part of it! Come on!

Check diffrent bc for free Andy Pain download of ‘Banana’.

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