Agressor Bunx: Floor Destroyer

Agressor Bunx: Floor Destroyer


Just when things were becoming a little too comfortable Agressor Bunx have stepped up with Total Destroy: a clinical, surgical strike. So amid the fallout and with heads down, we kept it suitably brief.

First off who did that awesome artwork? Should be a t shirt!

We didn’t direct the art for this single: Bad Taste asked Kuldar Leement to make it.

He was inspired by the title track ‘Total Destroy’ and his imagination is clearly fruitful…

The concept of the artwork and tunes is great, about the sort of potential we all have for unleashing energy, for power and, if it goes wrong, for destruction. Creating is harder though. What’s a detail about the title tune you’d share?

When we were making it we decided to use cinematic samples – the choir particularly in the drop really makes you feel the power to destroy.

We like this tune also, great for listening and good on the dancefloor.

What things affect the sound as you produce? I ask as, from experience, the track may change direction during composition… you may sleep on it, wake up and have totally different ideas to what you were doing. So what guides your process?

When we start to make a track, first we think about what kind of D&B we would like to make. After the decision we start making the drop. After collecting samples for many years, it helps us to work faster.

But also we like to experiment with new sounds! Some days are spent just for making new drums, basslines, leads, pads and other sounds.


On the flip, the flow on ‘Crusader’ is infectious: what inspired? What artists?

This tune was a compound of old-school and new-school Techstep sound… Ed Rush & Optical, Audio!

What tunes are infecting YOU right now, old and new?

We have a lot of favourite tunes and it’s hard to make a decision… but some tunes we have on top at this moment are:


Chase & Status ‘Flashing Lights’ Feat. Takura (S.P.Y Remix)

The Upbeats ‘Undertaker’

Sigma ft Paloma Faith ‘Changing’

Phace ‘Digital Diet’

What is coming up next for AB for 2016 that we can next look forward to?

We have forthcoming Eps on Program, Blackout and Ignescent. But also you can hear some remixes and collabs.

Thanks for talking today!

Yes, Thank you too!

Total Destroy

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.