Addictive Behaviour Presents… Eastcolors & Noel PLUS an exclusive Noel guestmix

Addictive Behaviour Presents… Eastcolors & Noel PLUS an exclusive Noel guestmix

Last week saw the release of Addictive Behaviour‘s second platter. Boasting the incredible skills of Russian artists Eastcolors and Noel, it’s an accomplished release that tickles every possible drum & bass’s ever-expanding underbelly within the space of two crucial tracks: Electronica and Mudguard.

Let’s have a listen shall we?


Heavy, right? We sent the duo a bunch of questions and grabbed a stunning mix from Noel while we had their attention. Read on for Noel’s mix and to learn more about seafood, salty cucumbers, classic electronica and peas….

Chaps… How are you both doing and where are you while you answer these?

Eastcolors: Hey! All good, I’m in Saint Petersburg where I moved to only a month ago.

Noel: Fine, thanks! I’m in my home studio in Vladivostok.

Cracker, Crispy, Moonwalker… Now these two incredible bullets! You guys complement each other in the studio very well…. How do you know each other?  

Eastcolors: We met at local party ages ago. I really love Noel’s production skills. Did you know that main bass sound in Cracker was made by him?

Noel: As for the beginning of our friendship – we were introduced by a common friend at a local party. Actually, we mainly just send files through the internet. It’s hard enough to work together because of different moods and limited time.

And what does each of you bring to the studio? 

Eastcolors: Usually Noel does the twisted bass lines and cool pads. My role is to arrange the drums and all the other things that need to be done.

Noel: I think everyone in any collaboration tries to do their best. Collaborations are a symbiosis of different ideologies, always interesting, enigmatic and sometimes totally unexpected.


Let’s have a chat about Electronica first. Such a broad term for such a nasty, waspy, gritty roller… What’s behind the name? 

Eastcolors: The idea was to make something as synthesized as possible, 90% of the tune was made using NI Massive and NI Reaktor. That’s not my regular sound, but why not

Could you give me three personal examples of electronica you find stunning please? 

Eastcolors: My favorite tune ever is Tangerine Dream – Love On Real Train, that harp is just amazing.

The second one will be Flowers and Sea Creatures – A.M. (Ewan Pearson Re-Edit), absolutely stunning house tune, gives inspiration every time.

My third is Outlines – Waiting In Line. I’m loving this tune and their album so much.

Noel: I think I would not be very original by saying The Prodigy, Liam. Howlett made a revolution! Very impressive especially when you are just a schoolboy in the 90s

Now to Mudguard. THAT intro! Beautiful – very classical, would you agree? 

Eastcolors: Yeah agreed, classical drum and bass sounds, the idea was to do something in an old school way but without the cliché , hopefully 🙂

Noel: Yeah, it’s pretty simple and sounds nice. But there were so many edits of the track, the groove, bass… and drums… It was a long process. So we did a lot of work to reach this simplicity.

I’m guessing the filthy drop is why it’s called Mudguard? If not, what does the title relate to? 

Eastcolors: I didn’t remember why I called the tune ‘Mudguard’ actually I think it was just the first word that came into my head when I started thinking of tune name. Choosing a name for a tune differs every time.

Noel: Ask Andrey. It was his idea. We finished two collaborations and he chose the name, the other one was “Ghostly Sculpture” (you can find it online for free).


You guys have bounced around some of the most respected labels going… How have you found yourselves on Addictive Behaviour? 

Eastcolors: Clayton from Addictive Behaviour wrote to me by email asking about taking part in their first release. Love these guys, work really good which is rare nowadays.

Noel: To be honest I rarely send my tunes to labels… And they are signed even rarer! The label found me.

And are either of you particularly addictive in nature? 

Eastcolors: I can’t live without DNB. I wake up to a DNB melody from alarm clock, and go to sleep listening to some mellow DNB. An addiction I want to break up with is smoking.

Noel: I love classical music. Especially works on a piano.

Now then Eastcolors – in your previous interview on Drum&BassArena you revealed you don’t like cucumbers… Why is this? And are there any other vegetables or fruits you don’t like?  

Eastcolors: Well, actually I talked about pickles (salty cucumbers)…. Every Russian loves them but I hate the taste. Another one I never eat is peas. Everything else is fine with me!

Noel… do YOU hate any particular fruit, veg or food? 

Noel: I hate seafood.

Let’s move away from the negative… can you both please tell me something that you LOVE?

Eastcolors: I love travelling and of course spending time in the studio, listening to a live jazz band in a club and drinking good beer. I love anything that gives emotion that I can later translate to music.

Noel: I love my wife! She has always supported me in whatever I do.

What else do you two have planned together in the studio? Anything more for us to get excited about ? 

Eastcolors: Yeah, definitely we have more to come, expect something in the near future!

Noel: Yes we have one other collaboration that is almost finished. And I hope to continue making beats with Andrey.

Let’s End with a message to all aspiring producers out there… what is ONE piece of advice that you wish you had when first started making beats?

Eastcolors: Finish your tracks, short edits with a cool loop or whatever in it is a waste. Make the intro, main part, breakdown, drop, outro etc. every time you make a track.

Noel: Do what you like and what you can… I don’t mean you have to make some random crap, though! Also don’t pay attention to the mainstream or current fashion. You have to be yourself

Electronica / Mudguard is out now Addictive Behaviour Records. Listen and download.

And here is Noel’s exclusive guestmix for Drum&BassArena… Enjoy!

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.


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