5 Minutes With: Gino

5 Minutes With: Gino

From teaming up with Mollie Collins to crazy link ups on the decks, it’s fair to say Gino is doing well in the drum and bass scene right now.

Gino wasn’t always your go to name as a producer was it? It must be bloody hard to choose an alias sometimes, especially when most ‘usual’ names are taken.

“Ha ha! Yeah man but I’m really happy as Gino, and despite there being others on Spotify and iTunes I’ve still managed to cut through some of the noise on there so all good.”

Do you find searching for a track using the streaming platforms a bit of a mission when you’re trying to find an individual artist who is also named after the same producer of say… europop? Is creating an individual artist listing hard work?

“Personally not really. If the artist is having an impact on plays and sales they soon make their way up the list. I love a challenge.”

Your forthcoming release via Dynamic Audio is a 4 track EP full of signature sound beats and bass. Was this something that just fell into place or did you really have to craft out your sound from scratch using a trial and error method?

“Each track kind of comes together in a different amount of time. ‘Sacrifice’ for example is the oldest tune on there! As for my sound, I do spend a lot of my time creating new sounds, re-sampling old ones and basically just trying to make something fresh every single time. But really I’d say none ‘fell into place’ as such.”

How do you think some fail at creating a unique sound? Is it really that easy these days to find a certain niche in drum and bass or has everything been done to death already?

“I can only really speak on my own experience and can confirm that it is not easy and takes lots of wrong turns, deleting and starting again or finishing a tune and never playing it out. I’ve always made it my mission to not only make material that I really like, but to see my sound through, commit to it and see where it really takes me in the long run. I do think everything in music has always had an influence from a previous sound (within reason).”

Foghorns are finally making an exit, any idea what next phase is on the horizon? Maybe Hazard making a return to production will spice things up a bit?

“Ha ha! Drum and bass is always exciting. A well timed foghorn tune in a set always has gone off. Also I think people have completely different views on what they think a foghorn tune is.

I’d say it’s purely like Tyke’s ‘Buzzards’ (big up Tyke) or anything that generally resembles a ship coming into dock whereas I’ve heard some people say Benny L’s’ Low Blow’ is a foghorn so not only are some people thinking they’ve got the wrong end of the stick but we’re all holding different sticks!

I am really excited about the future shape of the scene and of course Hazard announcing getting back to beats for himself again! It will defo spice things up. I’ve been mentally book marking some of his dubs from his sets, his production and ideas really are next level in my opinion”

We spoke about Mollie in the intro – assuming you’re good friends? How did you meet? What’s the deal here production wise? Any interesting stories or bombs to drop?

“Yeah Mollie and I are good pals! We initially met through Charge Recordings (Big up Mampi Swift) where we put out our first collaboration. Since then we’ve been writing more and will be putting out another collab on her label Right Good Records later in the year!”

Talking of production collaborations, do you have a wish list of producers to work with? Any from other genres to really mix things up?

“A wish list?! Hell yeah so there is loads I would love to write with within drum and bass. Noisia, Hazard, Annix, Taxman, Original Sin, Upgrade, Turno and more. This list goes on lol, and Sub Zero was on that list too but now we’ve been in the studio multiple times and got a few tunes locked which we’re happy with! Also Spaow I’ve wanted to collab with too and we’ve recently made a few tunes which seem to be doing damage in my sets! Outside the genre I’d say Skrillex, Moody Good and JOYRYDE.”

MC tracks are on the increase again, is this something you would jump on board with? If so, who would you wish to bless the mic?

“I’ve always loved what Azza and Grima do so probably them. Can’t forget The Ragga Twins! My good pal Pastry Maker has a project coming up that I’m producing a tune for which I’m really excited about.”

As far as time in the scene is concerned, what’s been your stand out year for music diversity and forward thinking so far? Anything stand out about one particular era that you would love to revisit and maybe retouch?

“For me really I think it was around maybe 2014 to 2015? Where Konichi and Decimal Bass’ sound was really at the forefront of the dance floor and the jump up vibes were in abundance.

I also like the 2009 era – Sub Focus and Pendulum, that kind of vibe. Raving began for me around 2009 so I’d like to go back to then with my knowledge now just for pure nostalgia.”

Being a relatively new artist in the scene compared to some of the long standing players, do you feel it’s been a super fast ride in terms of releasing tracks, playing DJ sets and the like? How do you deal with this mentally? Is it quite a thing to deal with 101 things at once plus any negative feedback you may receive?

“I realised about some point last year that in this music thing you’ve gotta be your business manager, your own social media advisor, your own mentor, and then all the obvious stuff like producing, DJing and networking, so there is a lot more involved than people initially think.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been too fast, it still seems like yesterday that I was DJing at squat raves just for some exposure! I started messing around in Logic around 7 years ago and it has been like everyday is a School day you know?

I’ve had far more positive feedback than negative which im grateful for! As for releasing, I just noticed that remaining consistent with releases and shows seems the best way and I work with various labels to try and achieve that.”

You work out right? That must be a great break from studio time?

“Yeah bruh! I love training, it’s a big part of my life. I generally don’t step foot into the studio unless I’ve been to the gym, It fires me up! Unless I’m proper achey of course.. A rest day is also very important.”

For your fellow exercise lovers, what would you say would be a certified Gino gym routine?

“If its chest or upper body day I love flat barbell bench, incline bench with dumbells, then probably do some supersets including triceps. As for reps it really depends on what time of the year it is and what my current goals are. I find going heavy more fun.

Oh and leg days.. don’t forget them hip thrusts!

What’s the deal with DJ sets in nightclubs and people doing HIIT routines?

“Oh yeah big up Dnb HiitTheFloor based in Exeter. It’s my friend Libby’s class. She asked me to come and do a live workout set In Motion (Bristol). That was really fun – an hour of HIIT though… Not for the faint hearted!”

Finally, anything special on the horizon? Any big NYE sets or plans – it’s creeping up quickly!

“Yeah man I’ve literally just joined Urban Agency which I am really excited about, big up to Jon and the team. NYE I can’t announce yet but it’s gonna be big! Other than that I’ve got my busiest few months of my career so far gig wise which i’m absolutely gassed about. Germany, Belgium, Amsterdam and a few UK shows in between – crazy.”


“Yeah man big up to Trimer/Pastry Maker and the guys at Audioporn and Down2Earth also Sub Zero, despite how busy he is, he’s always there to listen to my problems! And basically anybody who listens to or shares my music as fans. I love you more than you know and also all of the A listers who now support my tunes in their sets who I’ve been raving to since before I was a producer. That shit never gets old or boring and always inspires me to write more! Also shout out to my mum she’s a ledge.”

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