Dub Head: Set The Controls

Dub Head: Set The Controls


Dub Head‘s new ep for Dispatch touches upon the unknowable – just look at the titles – and within seconds of venturing inside this creation you get the feeling that the escape hatch has silently closed behind you. A bit unnerving, not least because it’s so totally great. Stellar.

Dub Head this ep is amazing.

Hey. Many thanks.

So much D&B comes from your country and you guys have a killer distinct sound...

You’re right. Recently, there are more talented guys. And it’s great that they are beginning to learn about. We share our experience and chips, helping each other. And it’s cool.

Take us behind the ‘Spaceship’… wow, what a filthy tune.

I am inspired by sci-fi movies. I really like the space and theoretical physics. Universe, stars, galaxies.

If you turn on the imagination you can imagine the sounds of the cosmos.

That’s what I’m trying to convey in the tracks.

I have to ask: do you believe in objects in space?

I do not deny…

What is your fave D&B? I love the beats, breaks and atmospheres in this music, especially in ‘Original Massive’: this is pure D&B!

I love various drum & bass.

I like the work DLR, Break, Calibre, Ulterior Motive, Total Science, and many others: they are all unique and cool on their own.

The track ‘Original Massive’ I set out to combine melody and aggressiveness.

And I like what eventually happened.

Does anything really influence you or do you just do your own thing.

This is my wife, family and friends. And my big desire to do what I like!


What live phenomenon did you ever see that inspired you, like a live set/DJ?

In the winter we checked Hospitality. It was an incredible show. I loaded a lot of emotions for a long time. London Elektricity: big man. His music elevates people!

You must have a lot of tunes around? I say this because you sound so comfortable! We gonna hear more soon?

Of course, there are a couple of finished works. I’m building a studio right now and it will be another impetus for my work.

What sort of film work do you dig? ‘Rustle Morning Stars’ makes me think of films…

It was Interstellar, mainly. Very beautifully shot film. Space in all its glory!

I wrote this last summer. I worked on it at night until the early morning. At night, the perception of the music grew more.

Everything sounds different when you’re in the dark. You’re not distracted: you just hear. It often helps me to work on tunes.

Where will we catch you LIVE sir? This music has to be on a BBIIIIGGGGG system man, you will go IN.

My friends and I do a party in Kiev. On the abandoned areas. Not large, up to 300 people. But I’m never against travel to another city and play there.

Any shouts?

Peace for everyone!

Spaceship / Original Massive / Rustle Morning Stars

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.