Bereneces: Triangles

Bereneces: Triangles


Bereneces has a habit of lulling you into a certain alien terrain and, in no time, you’re completely absorbed. Not that you’d resist.

Hi. Who are your main influences?

The first cd I ever bought ever was The Prodigy The Fat of the Land so I was super into breakbeat as a little dude but I got really into jungle in my teen years like lTJ Bukem and Dillinja

btw who did this great artwork? It made me think of different substances and how they react and that’s good and bad as some may be volatile… but some are ‘nice’. Does this apply to your sound?

Yes, it does apply to my sounds.

The feature of the artwork reflects the track itself: ‘Triangles’.

[Kaiza, the labelowner of T3K Recordings steps in here: it was made by a very talented guy from Switzerland who is now abroad in Canada working as a vfx designer. His name is Yan. He did all the latest T3K release artworks. Big stuff.]

Take us into the ‘Midnight Train’? I love the vibe of this and of course the mental imagery it gives.

Glad you love it; yes indeed the atmosphere and dark soundscapes I put together make the deepness feel vibes to it especially the subway intro, it’s all experimentation of organic sounds.

I`m always finding method how to connect to the listeners… with some kind of unique style of D&B sub genre.

And ‘Vortex’. Tell us what inspired?

The dynamics that I’ve put together, resonates from the energy feels from the momentum of this track.

I used to be an aeronautical student before, thereby those variations inspires me put it together.

What external forces inspire you?

For me, my inspirations derived from mixtures of science and emotions.

What does the voice at start of ‘Third Kind’ mean to you?

I just really feel the deep haunting voice that added into it and take the transition deep atmosphere and you can feel it too.

It makes me think of space. Is it a worry that we are such a rowdy, extrovert species, sending out so many signals into space?

Not really, it’s just an expression relating with “sci-fi” that came across to my imagination. The tune is kinda tricky but it has unique vibes into it that the listeners can feel the deepness side of the track.

OK so what tune is in your head right now?

Hell yeah Ruffhouse, ‘Greyscale’!!!!

Any shouts Bereneces?

Shout out to boss Kaiza, and wait for my forthcoming EP on Onset Audio!


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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.