Jamie’s Jungle Book Roulette – Part Six

Jamie’s Jungle Book Roulette – Part Six

Jamie links up with Dance Concept’s front man Benny V for a chat about the labels latest releases and spin on the Jungle Roulette.

‘Born to Do It’ was originally produced by Alter Ego and Scoop and signed to a totally different label as far as I can make out. How did this remix project happen and why was it chosen to be remixed?

“It was one of those tracks that had the vibe but lacked a few ingredients, the original release completely went under the radar for everyone. Some tweaks were needed and an all round better produced track had to be submitted but we got that in the end. New vocals from Mobb Ryder, Tony Flamez & SMK were added and we were away!”

The vocal hook is pretty infectious and versatile, did this make the whole remix project pretty open-ended in terms of production style?

“The whole point was that we had a hook that we knew could fit into various different styles. I remember a review on the original said the track was great but was ‘trapped’ between dancefloor and possible commercial crossover. It was a subliminal thing perhaps as the review was very positive but I felt that one word showed that the original was a great stand alone piece of music but didn’t really fit into many people’s sets.

I think each remix gave the track a clearer identity. This has come to fruition perhaps as the support has been immense from the likes of Grooverider to Nicky Blackmarket each pushing different mixes.”

Marvellous Cain is certainly a blast from the past. His original label Runniz Records had it’s fair share of releases – do you have a favorite? How did the link up take place with Dance Concept? Was this anything to do with his comeback to the jungle scene?

“You know I hadn’t really had too many dealings with Marv. Perhaps because at the time Dance Concept started he was not as predominent as he had been a few years earlier.

Since his comeback I’ve been on his mailing list and supported his new ‘polished’ jungle sound. When this project was being put together I rang him out of the blue and spoke to him for the first time.

We just kinda clicked, he bought into the original and things went on from there. As for my favourite on Runninz, I will go for ‘Nu Music’, simply because it also appeared on my favourite Mix CD of all time…”

Talking of remix projects in general, if you could choose 4 producers to remix one of your favourite tunes who would they be and why? It doesn’t have to be drum and bass either!

“I think Serum, Voltage, Bladerunner & SPY are killing it right now. But if you want a complete curve ball I think Ed Sheeran could do a great cover of Iron Maidens “Wasted Years”. No, I’m not bullshitting lol”

What do you find are the biggest struggles you face when running a digital record label in 2017?

“Having to compete with nonsense music of which music sites are saturated with. It’s so much harder to find those special gems even as a punter these days. I remember going through test presses at Boogie Times for hours on end and coming out once with this track that had NO details at all. Turned out to be ‘Tibetan Mist’ by Clipz – arguably his best ever track

Recently I came across a guy called Moleman, I don’t see anyone else supporting his stuff but I think what he does is really different & really good. It’s hard to find people like this these days so that is one of the struggles of living in a digital era.

It’s so hard to push new artists as these days you get asked how many followers people have or how many likes their posts get. I mean, who gives a fuck if it’s good music?”

What do you love most about running a label?

“Having your artistic view making an impression on people. Whether thats feedback to producers down to the people dancing and later buying the music. But it can be ‘live by the sword/die by the sword’ too.”

Is merchandise REALLY that much of a thing these days or is everyone just jumping on the bandwagon and not really maximising on profit at all?

“Good question. Ask me this time next year lol!”

What’s next from Dance Concept? You seem to have hit the ground running this year in terms of release schedules!

“Next up is a debut single release from Kenji. It’s already had lots of good feedback with support from the likes of Micky Finn, DJ SS, Nicky Blackmarket plus many more. Theres also something from Voltage coming up along with bits in the pipeline from K-Warren & I.

Dance Concept will also be putting on some Boat Parties on the London Thames, with an Oldskool DnB / Jungle Event already announced for the 4th of June. We have myself, Uncle Dugs, Voltage & Marvellous Cain for that. There’s an upfront party booked for the 30th July too but have to keep that under wraps for now. Keep checking the social media for more info though.

Let’s take a spin on the Jungle Roulette, I’ll name some classic tunes all with a ‘born to do it’ flavour and you provide some comments on each. Memories, critique, whatever you want!

First up Rebel MC with ‘Code Red’ the ‘94 remix. This man is certainly multi talented and the vocals on this track are considered timeless!

“Remix! 94 Remix! I remember hearing “94 remix” as that was like, you know, the future man. THIS TUNE CAME OUT 13 YEARS AGO?! The future is 13 years ago. What the fuck?! Haha – The original was THE tune to get me into Jungle. The 94 Remix I loved just as much. Rebel is a genius, I don’t care.”

Sticking with MC led tracks, this one is pretty rare on vinyl these days. Aphrodite’s bootleg of Shy FX’s ‘Original Nuttah’. I know you appreciate his production!

“Aphrodite is a don. I first heard this when he played it at Dance Concept party. I asked him when it was coming out. He said it ‘wasn’t’…. :)”

Switching to a different vibe with L Double’s ‘The Rider’, another producer who seems to have made a welcome comeback recently. This one was released in 1996 on a very colourful picture disc.

“Wow, great draw J. Not heard or even thought of this track in ages. Some serious memories. Intro sounds very ‘95’ doesn’t it? Tracks like this and ‘The Shit’ were dead certs in people’s sets for a good period of time.”

Finally a true legend of the scene back in the highlight of his production days, Hype truly smashes the arrangements with this one. I always wondered why he kept his name on the audio sample though!

“Immediately I think of Rude Bwoy Monty ‘Warp 10’. It was a great album to be fair. ‘We Must Unite’ was also a sick track. Miss tracks with multiple riff changes like this. Just not the same anymore.”

Any shouts or big ups?

“Big up K-Warren who I have been working on loads of music with. More to come on that. Out to Serum, Voltage, Bladerunner, DJ SS, Nicky Blackmarket, Uncle Dugs, Scoop & Alter Ego, K-Jah, Cabin Fever, Jaxx, Fearless, Shabba, Deemas J, Kenji plus everyone else ive no doubt forgotten to mention.

Look out for the Oldskool DnB / Jungle Special Boat Party


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