Jamie’s Jungle Book Roulette – Part One

Jamie’s Jungle Book Roulette – Part One

Jamie S23 links up with Leaf for the first in a brand new feature – Jungle Book Roulette. We spin the old school fruit machine to deliver past education from the Jungle Book series. Is it time to cash in or deal again? Whatever the choice, the outcome is without a doubt a reload!

Up first on the roulette is a wicked track from 1996 by Ray Keith (under the Dr Wootang alias) entitled ‘Original Wootang’. Published on Drum&BassArena late in 2014, we previously delved into the sample source and the many other tracks that replicated it.

‘Original Wootang’ is no doubt a very good intro tune for any jungle DJ. What would you define as the ultimate DJ intro tune from any era and why?

“This is quite a hard question to answer as there are so many good intro tunes although in my eyes it has to be Sub Focus ‘Sound Guy’. I love the way the intro sounds and it’s always a monster double dropping another tune in!”

‘Wu-Style’ from your forthcoming ‘Monsoon EP’ via Serial Killaz is a crazy mix of rugged beats, tearing basslines and haunting samples. It literally bursts through speaker boxes like a karate kick! How did you make it just so damn damaging?

“Thank you, It was a fun track to make. I suppose over time I’ve learnt a few techniques to give it that effect of bursting through the speakers as you say but most of the time it’s down to luck. Some tunes just happen to work more than others.”

‘The Lighter’ by DJ SS was remixed countless times, can you name your favourite? You have a lot to choose from that’s for sure! Which one has the most appeal to you?

“There’s definitely a lot to choose from here. The one that sticks out for me is the Bladerunner remix – gully!”

Aphrodite’s ‘Dark Dark Side’ is the second on the deck and certainly fits with elements of the ‘Monsoon’ EP, especially it’s title track. Released in 1998 near the end of Aphrodite’s popular production days it was a remix of the original ‘Style from the Dark Side’ and featured his tough yet elastic trademark bass.

As a relatively new producer, how do you find your own style in the massive world of drum and bass? Listening through ‘Monsoon EP’ it’s hard to put my finger on one individual technique or trademark but what do you believe IS the Leaf sound?

“I like to think I make more weighty, bass heavy tracks with loud fx and percussion that cuts through the mix but it varies from track to track. I normally sample old movies or random abstract sounds to give the listeners an interesting vibe. I’m not one to use the same template on all my tracks as I know some do. Nothing wrong with that but I generally vibe off new sounds that are interesting to the ear.”

In terms of a trademark production technique, what’s yours? Do you have that one piece of equipment that only you know how to get that special something out of?

“There’s too many to mention but I particularly like using a plug-in called Panman by Soundtoys which is basically a piece of software that automates sounds to pan at different speeds left and right or vise versa. Much easier than drawing everything in and it gives your mix a nice touch if used correctly.”

Aphrodite championed the 90’s jump up sound which is finally making a welcome comeback in 2016, how do you feel about this? Do you think you can predict the next phase? Will it be the zany Ram-Trilogy sound of ‘Pacman’ remix or something totally new? The Pacman thing is just one idea here!

“I think it’s great. That’s the music that got me into drum and bass, the old tape packs etc..
As for predicting the next phase – well I can’t haha. It kinda happens on its own so maybe I or someone else will be the push for that, who knows!?”

Whilst the Jungle Book Roulette machine cools down after the Aphrodite sub bass sent it into overdrive tell us about yourself.

Where did the Leaf journey begin? What age did you get into the scene? Was it all about jungle for you initially or did you arrive later in the musical trip?

“The Leaf journey began around 2007 listening to old school sets on our phones at School and exchanging the latest new clips we had through Bluetooth. It then evolved into buying some decks after having a go at a friends houses. After mixing for a few years I decided I wanted to learn how to make my own tracks and to this day I’m still doing that. I’d say when I first got into drum and bass I never really liked jungle as such but as time has come on it’s probably my favourite style as it’s quite dub influenced in my opinion.”

Claims to fame? Everyone has one, what’s yours? This doesn’t have to be anything music related if you have something cool to share.

“Meeting Matt Hoffman. I loved the BMX scene as a kid so to meet someone like that was pretty epic.”

Producers are linking up all over the place at present, who would be the one person you would love to make a track with? What would you want to learn the most from your chosen super producer?

“DJ Hazard would be a good link up. I love his dark and dingy tunes and it would be nice to see how he does things.”

Favourite tracks of all time? What’s the ultimate reload in the dance? Talking of reloads, what time period would be high on your agenda should going backwards exist?

“OK so after some thought I’m going to go with:

Origin Unknown ‘Valleys of the Shadows’ as my first track because it was one of the first tunes I heard and though raaaahhh that’s big! I would say it was probably my introduction into drum and bass.

UK Apache and Shy FX ‘Original Nuttah’ is a massive tune to this day, I can guarantee any rave you play it at the crowd will go nuts!

Potential Badboy ‘Warn Ya’ (Ebony Dubsters Remix) Absolute banger. Reload selecta every time.

To be fair I love all the old school drum and bass and I think it has a big part to play in my production. It’s also nice to see relatively newer producers such as Voltage and T>I bringing those old school flavours back into the scene.”

You can follow Jamie Section 23 on Twitter, @JamieS23
Jamie S23 is part of the editorial team at Drum&BassArena, has a huge collection of vinyl from the 90’s and spends many hours wishing music still came on cassette. He’s stupidly into fitness and most importantly, a devoted Dad. Reminisce about air horns, lighters and The Sanctuary with him via Twitter or Soundcloud


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