Jamie’s Jungle Book – Part Twenty One

Jamie’s Jungle Book – Part Twenty One

Fade, an alias so undercover it’s not even listed on Discogs and up until this article it’s one that’s been totally forgotten about however when you play either side of Kartoons Volume 15 it’s going to be pretty obvious if you’re into everything jungle and drum & bass from the 90’s who it is.

That man in question after all these years still can’t be named but I will let you play either side of this and judge for yourself.

Well known for his part in both jungle and drum & bass, the unnamed producer rose to fame in 1994 with the release of a huge EP. This was followed by a whole heap of hits and his place in the scene was truly cemented. In the 90’s, this artist was certainly a buy on sight producer and his style paved the way for many to follow. He’s often still imitated but certainly never outdone.

‘Knight’ follows an almost Joker Records vibe in its introduction with short stabby samples and uptempo beats. The tune breaks into a void of nothing before rolling out into a head nodding loop of jazz influenced bass.

Pick up Kartoons 15 for a BARGAIN via Discogs or wait for the digitally remastered copy coming soon via Nicky Blackmarket.

For more information related to Nicky’s Kartoons label check out an article I wrote in 2014 here.

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