Jamie’s Jungle Book – Part Ten

Jamie’s Jungle Book – Part Ten

Kung Fu samples and Jungle have always gone hand in hand, something that’s managed to stick in producers minds from generation to generation. We all know the most memorable Kung Fu orientated tracks from the 90’s such as DJ Red’sEnta Da Dragon’, the sneaky Tekken 3 remix and DJ Stretch’s ‘Hungry Tiger’ but another that may have gone under the radar is Stretch & Teebone’s Collaborated Artists Volume 1.

This double A sided plate, released in 1996 on Riddim Track Records consists of ‘Shaolin Style’ and ‘Snake Style’, two very Kung Fu influenced tracks ripping samples from old martial arts movies.

Both tracks go hand in hand with Bassman’s original style of MCing, stick either side on and you can picture him ‘inna corner’ talking about “Alan Shearer being a wanker” or sending a shout out to the ‘Burger Bar crew’. Add a barely lit club, the scent of weed being smoked and you’re onto a winning flashback to the mid 90’s – just don’t forget your Moschino printed shirt and a pair of Reebok Classics.

Stretch released one of the biggest tunes on Blackmarket’s Kartoons label in 1998, sampling Tina Moore’s ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’, simply entitled ‘The Spesh’.

Teebone also produced UK Garage, releasing tunes such as ‘Super S’ alongside Skibadee, ‘Fly Bi’ alongside Sparks and Ki and ‘Best of Your Love’ with the So Solid Crew.

Riddim Track Records was always quite consistent with its releases and from 1994 to 1998 it churned out 15 singles and an album entitled ‘Strictly Business’ featuring killer tracks by Shy FX entitled ‘Amazing’, The Dream Team’s ‘Top Gun’ Remix and a VIP remix of ‘Shaolin Style’ by Jungle masters Tom & Jerry. If you were lucky enough to have picked up the full release you were also treated to some interesting photography of some of the producers featured on the album.

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