Jamie’s Jungle Book – Part Nineteen

Jamie’s Jungle Book – Part Nineteen

“Deal with the matter, deal with it proper”

It’s an instantly recognisable lyric, anyone from the hardcore junglists of ‘94, fans of the original SAS link up to the new breed of drum & bass addicts will know this famous line from MC Skibadee.

Deal With The Matter’ from ‘The Trilogy’ album released by Joker Record and Suburban Base Records in 1997. The album also featured the rather bizarre but fan favourite ‘Sta Warz’. This was, as you would expect a rip off of the main Star Wars theme only so badly time stretched that it only really used as an intro tune.

Joker Records had a reputation for straightforward, no nonsense jump up drum & bass and this album was exactly that. ‘Deal With The Matter’ featured a standard Bizzy B and Pugwash breakbeat and single tone bassline, the mish mash of high and low pass filters around the 4:20 mark adds a nice amount of depth to the track, quite why they didn’t bring this in sooner though I have no idea although It’s certainly a nice switch.

This was no means the first time Skibadee had lent his vocal talents to drum & bass and what with his recent live stream posts via Facebook it’s clear that this veteran has a trick or two up his sleeve in the run up to Christmas in terms of his vast back catalogue.

Here’s a few other gems from the Skibadee stable

Shy FX & T-Power Feat. Di & Skibadee Don’t Wanna Know

The Professionals ‘Flava 4 Raver

Dillinja Feat. Skibadee ‘Twist Em Out’

2003 was a really funny era for drum & bass and conflicts, especially when the MC version of ‘Twist Em Out’ was released. Looking back at how much has changed since 2003 it’s interesting to now see the massive u-turn in attitudes. More on that when I actually pin Skibadee down for a proper interview but that’s coming soon!

What does surprise me is that nobody capitalised on Shabba D’s huge catalogue of memorable lyrics. I’m sure something could have been done with the ‘FIFA 97’ bar or even the classic mobile phone one featuring everyone’s favourite Nokia. Soon come?

On a final note, never underestimate what these MCs have done and continue to do for the drum & bass scene.

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