Jamie’s Jungle Book – Chapter Twenty Two

Jamie’s Jungle Book – Chapter Twenty Two

Rampage, AKA Matt Fletcher and Mike Anthony released the Priority One E.P. in 1995 on Almo Sounds. An extremely diverse label that released everything from Rock to Pop that was later sold to Universal in 2000.

The main reason why anyone would want to pick up this EP is probably for the ‘Godfather’ tune, otherwise known as ‘Il Padrino’. This was literally smashed to bits by everyone in the Jungle scene around 1995 and I am ashamed to admit that I only tracked down the ID of this track a few months ago.

The EP was released in both double and single vinyl formats, the latter featuring 2 tracks per side and obviously less individual tunes. The full release EP rarely becomes available for sale and is potentially worth adding to your wants list, mainly for ‘Godfather’ but also because Shy FX is featured in the list of producers under a track entitled ‘It’s Your Love’.

The last time I heard this tune played out live was by Darren Jay at Evolution 18 in 1996, since then the only time I have witnessed (as such) a DJ play ‘Godfather’ was Uncle Dugs on his Rinse FM show. Those that listen to his RCFF show on a Friday will no doubt know he likes to drop the tune names in occasionally and this one was a prime example, although sadly Dug’s hinting something along the lines of “those that know this one, the Guvnor” pointed me in the direction of something on A-KO Recordings by Guyver. God knows why looking back at my mistake.

You could pick up the white label of Godfather, which is named ‘Il Padrino’, features two mixes and extremely rare. One is currently listed on Discogs for £20. Another release, presumably the official press after the white label also exists here.

No surprise that the single releases on Bone Records were linked to Smokers Inc, a label that almost had as many subsidiaries as Formation Records at the time.

Here’s a classic from one of their other labels Rude & Deadly. Certainly an interesting track title!

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