Get To Know: TR Tactics – Drum&BassArena 2013 exclusive!

Get To Know: TR Tactics – Drum&BassArena 2013 exclusive!

Welcome to our final feature celebrating our massive Drum&BassArena 2013 album. Right now it’s sitting in the UK compilation chart top ten so a huge BIG UP to everyone who’s supported it so far!

Just in case you need a little extra persuasion to grab yourself a copy, here’s a final article highlighting the album’s exclusive nature… An introduction to TR Tactics, the proud winners of the highly popular Optiv & BTK remix competition we ran in February.

Ignition had already achieved ‘essential banger’ status when we featured it on Drum&BassArena 2012. But with TR Tactics’ help it’s maintained the original’s freshness while pushing the vibe well into tomorrow. Beating off hundreds of other hopeful entries, it highlights the Austrian duo as ones to keep ears and eyes locked for the future. Let’s get to know…

TR Tactics… Introduce yourselves! 

We are Thomas & Rene, a DJ/Producer duo from Austria. Our ways crossed many years before we discovered our love to drum and bass music. In the early days we started DJing separately, but soon recognised that we’ve got a similar style. After some parties in Austria, where we played alongside artists like Ed Rush, Sigma, Mefjus, DJ Hype, Shimon and Hazard we wanted to open up our horizon for some new things and began to produce our own tracks. Now we are working together in the studio for about two years.

Congratulations on winning our remix competition. Did you have a good feeling about your entry? Or were you surprised when you won? 

Yes we were surprised and really happy about winning this competition. The feeling about our track wasn’t that bad, but there were also some real good entries from other artists. It was a big pleasure for us to get the first place!

How do you both work together in the studio?

We spend most of our time in the studio sitting together on one computer, so it’s important for us to keep our knowledge on the same level. Often you find one of us digging for new samples or plugins while the other one’s getting an idea for a new track, but we change these roles like it fits for the moment.

What and who inspires your productions?

Of course we look up to our heroes, but we also get inspiration from each other. We live in such a wonderful country and it’s so great to spend some time in the nature with our friends or family. After this you feel like you’re newborn and work is so much easier if you take the time to free your mind.

You’ve got a release forthcoming on Dissected Culture, right? Tell us all about it…

Yes, that’s right. There will be an EP from us on DC this spring. They’re the first label that signed our work and we feel we are very lucky to have linked up with them. We think that they fit our style of music at the moment and they have some really interesting artists.

How about DJing?

We were DJs a long time before we started our work in the studio so we think that we are quite good at mixing. Especially when we play together. Four hands are faster than two, and we love standing on the stage side by side. We will upload a new mix in the next time, so people can make a choice on their own opinion.

From a UK perspective, Austria seems to be a very exciting place for D&B right now. Does it feel like that from your perspective?

Yes, there is a good scene in Austria and it’s growing steadily. We are proud to have artists in our country who are so big in the game. But we also think that the younger generation has big potential and we hope that there will be some big things coming up for all of us in the future.

Do you have any other releases lined up?

Not at the moment, because we are still working on our project for Dissected Culture. Hopefully there will be some more stuff from us soon. We really love to make music and it’s one of the best feelings in the world when people like what you are doing.

What else can we shout about for you?

Thanks for the interview, we really enjoyed it! Big up to Optiv & BTK and the whole Drum&BassArena crew for the great competition. We love the store and the podcast, so please keep on doing such a good job.

Dear People, don’t forget to check us out on the internet: Soundcloud / Facebook


Drum&BassArena 2013 is out now! Grab it today!






Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.