Exclusive Loxy mix!

Exclusive Loxy mix!

Rinse Boxing Day 500x700Got any Christmas rave plans in place? If you’re in London look no further than Fabric. On Boxing Day the Rinse massive will hosting their annual indulgence-burning festive free-for-all. Repping more sonic shades than a consummately decorated Christmas tree, whatever your flavour, Rinse have your tastes catered for.

While Room 1 and 2 will be home to the likes of Skream, XXXY, Bodika, Ben Pearce, Zinc and Roska, you’ll find us in Room 3….

Hosted by Youngsta’s Contact, the line-up is saturated future-focussed bass. Youngsta will be joined by J:Kenzo, Klax, Seven, Ben Verse and, most importantly for D&B lovers, Amit and Loxy. We caught up with Loxy to find out his views on D&B past, present and future… And grab an exclusive mix!


How would you describe your approach to playing live, to some who’s never seen you?

The main constant for me is best described as ‘tribal’.

I like to create a journey. It’s a lot harder to do when you have an hour set and the main reason why I prefer longer sets. You show a more well-rounded reflection of your DJ personality. I try to create sets like a movie with a beginning, a middle and end. But the best word to describe it would be Tribal.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on Boxing Day at Fabric. The line-up looks gritty! Will you be hanging around to catch any of the other sets?

I’m playing Brighton earlier that night but hopefully I’ll get to catch some of the guys sets because as you say the lineup is pretty tasty ha ha

What are some of the newer artists we’ll find in your sets?

Overlook, Ruffhouse, Reza, Untouchables… the latter is nothing new but deserve recognition.

Will you be cutting out the usual Christmas Day indulgence to make sure you’re on your A-game for this night? Or will the excesses help power another trademark strongarm Loxy set?

I’m not one for overindulgence unless it’s shoes ha ha.

I’m not a massive eater or drinker so will be focussed: you never want to be needing the toilet in middle of a set!

A random question: what’s your earliest recollection of D&B?

I guess my earliest memories are from Telepathy in Marshgate Lane London back in 1990 and before that radio and then it was Acid, House and Techno. The breakbeats started emerging so I’ve seen the transition and evolution of what it has grown into… I was into certain electronic music before it was labelled ‘Drum & Bass’.

It’s an amazing thing on reflection to see how far it’s come but still at the same time always maintaining those earlier influences of Rave.

How do you see the current state of D&B?

Well, it’s in a good place: lots of good music lots of variety again so it’s positive but we are in an age were people tend to want to mimic the things they like, what with technology being so easy to obtain and use.

People need always remember to keep it original and be yourself not someone else! It’s not Stars In Their Eyes!

In regard to your production, who are people you mainly work with? People like Resound, Dylan, Ink come to mind.

The three you’ve mentioned are the main guys I’ve worked with and good friends. So that’s standard.

Others include Gremlinz, Overlook, Skeptical and others. It’s always good to work with likeminded people and try and come up with something different. Or normal.

Whatever the vibe you’re on! Sometimes you just want to make a roller.

Bringing it all together who are your main influences?

King Tubby, Nas, Mobb Deep, Wu, Al Green, Lonnie Liston Smith, Bob Marley, Bruce Lee, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, LTJ Bukem, Randall, Doc Scott, Photek, Optical… I could go on forever.

Got to ask: if you were asked to play a non-D&B set what would it consist of?

Either Dub or Dub Techno.

What venues stand out as the killer ones to play?

Fabric and The End, period.

Switching it a bit, can you name five films you like?

I’m a bit of a film addict so to name five is another mission ha ha!
Dead Man’s Shoes
the latest Batman trilogy.
Donnie Darko
King of New York

Finally sir could you name three releases of yours that you are very proud to have done?

Loxy & Ink Twisted 3rd Mind Ep (Metalheadz). A pinnacle release for us at a special time in D&B.
Loxy & Resound Burning Shadows LP (Exit Records). Very proud of this release.
Loxy & Ink Quasimodo EP (Renegade Hardware). Another classic release for us.



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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.