Micky Finn – Remix Competition

Micky Finn – Remix Competition

Micky Finn: Godfather of jungle and drum & bass, master of the dubplate special and dedicated to the movement like no other. He’s been involved in far more than the eye could ever see and is crazy busy as ever. His recent find of tons of DAT’s has inspired him to convert hours of undiscovered audio and he’s also back in the studio alongside some of the scenes biggest names.

To pay homage to some of Micky’s previous tracks, the Drum&BassArena forum community are pleased to announce the 2015-2016 remix competition in conjunction with the man himself. This is an amazing opportunity and one that would have been virtually impossible in the 90’s.

So, you’re up for the challenge? Don’t stop at the likes of ‘Bad Ass!’ or ‘Jungle Brother’, Micky made a load of tunes in the early 90s that could do with revisiting. This opportunity doesn’t stop at original production from Micky, he was also famous for his take on remixing so why not take on the challenge of a remixing a remix!

Remember, Micky’s production was and still is all about those killer samples so hunt down what you need to – no stems, patches etc will be provided unless Micky feels like dropping a few surprises!

But wait, it’s not just limited to Micky’s production, he also ran Urban Takeover alongside Aphrodite plus in 2007 kicked off his own label – Finn People.

So here’s the deal – remix a tune produced or remixed by Micky Finn or if that doesn’t take your fancy have a dabble at something from one of his record labels. Could 2016 be the year your remix of ‘Man Of Steal’ gets dropped in one of Micky’s sets? Maybe even go as far as creating him a dubplate special to go with it!

Joining Micky Finn on the judging panel will be none other than super producer Voltage. This is a unique chance to showcase your talent so don’t sleep on this, the opportunity won’t come around again.

If you’re unfamiliar with some of Micky’s tracks then here’s some fine examples to get you inspired.


  1. Deadline for track submission 31st January 2016 at 17:00
  2. Tracks should be sent via email to jamiesection23@gmail.com
  3. 320MP3 file format
  4. Tracks should not be hosted anywhere publicly
  5. Only one remix per producer
  6. Entrants cannot vote for their own track during the voting process

Good luck!

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