MC Whizzkid’s Official Drum&BassArena Production Competition

MC Whizzkid’s Official Drum&BassArena Production Competition

Following on from the success of the Formation Records competition where the winning tune is currently being signed we wanted to give you something else to keep those creative juices flowing. Rather than carry on with something strictly drum and bass we are switching things up totally and going full on old school with one of the true veterans of the hardcore scene – MC Whizzkid.

This MC really needs no introduction, considering he’s the biggest MC in the UK hardcore scene and has been for a considerable amount of time. He’s also a producer, DJ and a dedicated family man. Whizzkid established his roots in the underground scene way back in the early 90’s and has been an extremely influential character ever since. He’s also very well connected which is obviously very handy if he’s feeling your work.

So the competition – it’s another big one! We’re not talking mid 90’s happy hardcore here, this is strictly early 90’s breakbeat hardcore, some may even call this acid house. Take influence from the early days of Fantazia, Eclipse and The Edge. Do your research into this sound if it’s something new to you and you will find a whole host of amazing influences at your disposal.

Whizzkid – what’s important to you about this era of rave music? What are you looking for in a 2016 track based around the early 90’s? Any tips for producers?

“The early rave stuff will always hold a special place in my heart, back then the music was so free. It was more about creating a vibe or feeling, than writing the next ‘banger’.

What I’m after is something that captures yesterday’s magic with tomorrow’s production techniques. Pianos, stabs, rolling subs, pitched up hip hop samples even! Whatever works for you but keep it authentic and most importantly – have fun with it.”

Go as far back as ‘89 or delve into ‘94 – just keep in mind that less was always more back then and sampling was a big big factor.

Dreamscape 15 VS 16 contains one end of the spectrum

A ton of sets from the ‘Lost Tapes Series’

And don’t forget to check out some early Fantazia sets. Castle Donington, Twice as Nice, Littlecotte House and West Point are all on YouTube.

Here’s the rules

  • Base your track around the early years of breakbeat, hardcore or acid house
  • You have till 5th September to submit your finished remix
  • This should not be hosted anywhere nor provided to any DJs to ‘road test’
  • Send your finished remix in a 320kbps MP3 to jamie@section23.co.uk

When the competition closes, all of your tracks will be sent to Whizzkid to judge, results and any further action will then be posted on Drum&BassArena.

You can follow Jamie Section 23 on Twitter, @JamieS23
Jamie S23 is part of the editorial team at Drum&BassArena, has a huge collection of vinyl from the 90’s and spends many hours wishing music still came on cassette. He’s stupidly into fitness and most importantly, a devoted Dad. Reminisce about air horns, lighters and The Sanctuary with him via Twitter or Soundcloud