Introducing Elevate: Win Tickets!

Introducing Elevate: Win Tickets!

Here’s some standard club night maths…

DJ x 60mins = Bangers (bashed x 3)

Elementary, really: every DJ has an hour to shine (thank God it’s not 45mins any more… remember those days?) so they deliver their biggest, boldest bangers they can.

Of course there are the exceptions when the classic cliché of a ‘journey’ can still ring true. And Friction’s brand new party brand Elevate is one of them. It’s happening this Friday (Feb 8) in a secret warehouse location in London and we think it’s going to be rather special. Goldie, Rockwell and Dub Phizix are joining him for the ride… He’ll be driving for a minimum of three hours and you expect some serious dancefloor dynamics!

“I don’t know how deep I’ll go, whether I’ll play other genres or things like that, but I want a good three hours to properly go deep,” says Friction. “I’ve got so much music to play! There’s so much great material out there that you can’t squeeze into a shorter set. I’m really excited, I can let things roll a bit and let a tune breathe. Especially some of the more experimental stuff.”

Get this… He’s even happy if the dancefloor empties!

“If people leave the dancefloor then no problem – I’ve still got hours left to get them back onside and continue the journey. My message to the ravers is simply this: ‘come and listen to the music; there’ll be some crazy mixing, there’ll be some chaos, but most importantly there’ll be some great music that I want you to hear!”

Elevate references the early days of rave when DJs really did take you on a journey. Bouncing between genres and taking the role of ‘The Selector’ very seriously, he highlights influential first warehouse missions in London to see the likes of Randall, Andy C, Swift and Dr S Gachet.

“Those were such influential times!” he grins. “Elevate is definitely a head nod to those old days. If you have moments when you take a vibe down, you have a chance to bring it back up even bigger. If you’ve got an hour long set then there’s no journey. The big moments can be so much bigger if you take the dynamics down to bring them back up. The whole concept is journeys of emotion.”

Here’s another lesson in club maths for you…

Friction x 180mins = Journey x Emotional (to the power of wicked).

Elementary, really.

So do you fancy a pair of tickets? We’ve got two pairs to give away. All you need to do is answer this insultingly easy question…

What’s the name of Friction’s label?

A)     Shogun

B)      No Gun

C)      No Fun

D)     Yo Mum

If this was any easier we’d be arrested by the easy competition police. Get your answer over with your number to comps@breakbeat.co.uk before 9am Thursday Feb 7. Good luck!

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.
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