Fractured Foundation: Win Tickets & Grab An Exclusive Mix From L 33

Fractured Foundation: Win Tickets & Grab An Exclusive Mix From L 33

8th November (for web)Party Alert!

On Friday November 8 Fractured Foundation will be taking over Hidden, London, for another massive D&B session. 

Once again the line-up reads like an all-star cast, featuring some of the most exciting names in demonstrative devilish D&B: Mefjus, Emperor, CZA, L 33 and Philth will be joining residents Intracut & Subtraction, Ryptics, Sweetpea and Medika. And the night will be hosted by consummate mic-men Codebreaker, Mantmast, Agmangora and Killa B.

Here’s a little sample of what to expect… 

Shouting about the event as loudly as possible, the FF crew have given us a few tickets to give away and persuaded Bulgarian badman L 33 to give us an exclusive mix. We gave the man a shout to see where he’s at.

So read on. Grab your exclusive mix. And enter for your chance to be raving with the Fractured crew for FREE!

Interview: Damian B 

L 33 how are you sir?

Ez guys, all good here. Cheers!

Looking forward to Fractured Foundation in London? You are down with an incredible line-up…

Yes definitely. It should be a big night for sure, the line-up is huge! Thanks to Fractured Foundation for the invitation. It will be my UK debut, I can’t wait!

Big up on the exclusive mix – please tell us a little about it….

It’s a mix of some forthcoming stuff, some never before heard stuff and some oldies but goldies.

Great. Give us a snapshot of the scene in Bulgaria…

The scene here is pretty decent. Mainly the things happen around the capital Sofia, but there are strong things going on out of it as well. Shouts to the biggest promoters HMSU. They’ve booked almost every big artists/DJ in Bulgaria and almost everyone who’s played here wants to come back as the crowd is crazy! Just pure energy, people love to party right here. People in Bulgaria are into the harder sound and we’ve got some nice venues too; the best one for D&B parties is 4th KM. It’s all good but we need more producers here!

Have you been in the lab a lot this year producing? How have you changed in your outlook to music this year? Do you have the same outlook NOW as you had at the beginning of the year?….

The last three months of the summer were mad. I tried to come out with as many tracks as I could.  Serious 24/7 in the studio. It went pretty good with about five new tunes to come out soon. And yes, I changed my perspective a lot; I’m defo into the harder sound right now.

You have collaborated in the past, does this continue? Do you enjoy collaborating?

Yes, who doesn’t enjoy collaborating? It gives you a different perspective. It gives you more ideas for the future and it give you inspiration! I’ve been collaborating with quite a few artists for the past year and a half – Cooh, Mefjus, Dabs, Zero Method, Kung, Disphonia… It’s always big fun to work with someone, the result in the end is always very interesting, it’s like having a baby with someone and then seeing the baby grow up.

What artists hurt/stimulate you… now, in the past, any: you tell us. Could be D&B, could be any genre. 

Phace & Misanthrop.

Tell us about the Eatbrain crew…

Eatbrain crew is growing. There are some huge artists on the label too. A hard sound is the trademark of Eatbrain. Be prepared what Jade is cooking for you this winter.

Do you travel as part of your music? Do you play out a lot?….

In the last half of the year I’ve been booked a lot which makes me happy! I am part of the Diamond Society now, so if you want to book me hit my agent: luca.tramma@diamond-society.com

Have you got any road stories? Any craziness? Please let us know…..

I will tell you the craziest thing ever. When I had to return back home from Croatia last year and connect my flight at CDG (Paris) my boarding gate was L33. I thought it was a joke! Haha!

Ha! What’s an exclusive thing about yourself you have never said in an interview?….

I like potatoes.

Who doesn’t? What’s coming up release-wise for L 33?….

I have a tune forthcoming on an Eatbrain LP which is about to be released in Nov/Dec. This will be followed by an EP on the same label. There is also some stuff on A.M.C.’s Titan Records and some new Rise Audio material. There is plenty more to come but I will keep it a secret for now.

Can I ask: I never knew where your name ‘L 33’ came from, can you tell us?….

L 33 stands for LEE, which is an old nickname. Pretty basic, isn’t it?

Yes. What’s the one thing you would like to change about D&B? 

Maybe more young producers. There are definitely a lot but some more won’t hurt!

Any shouts?

Shouts to my man Cooh, the HMSU Crew, Future sounds of Sofia, and all my D&B friends.


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