Fractured Foundation: Free Mortem Mix!

Fractured Foundation: Free Mortem Mix!

FF MORTEMMassive party announcement: July 5 sees Fractured Foundation celebrate a year of forward-thinking party science at Hidden, London.

Naturally for such a big anniversary event they’ve called in some exciting names… Phace, June Miller, Mortem, Amoss, Philth and Retraflex will be joining the crew as they ensure the night goes down in Fractured Foundation history.

To help them celebrate we’ve not only got two pairs of tickets to giveaway, but also an exclusive mix from Mortem. He’s quite excited… It’s his first gig in the big bad city, and he can’t wait to show you how he rolls.

Read on for your chance to win tickets, hear a wicked mix and read a cheeky little interview with Mortem himself. See you at Hidden on July 5!

Hey Mortem! How are things going at your Poland HQ? 

Hi! Things are great over here. Apart from the weather everything is just fine, thanks for asking. I’m really looking forward to spending more and more time with music, finishing tunes and making some podcasts.

Looking forward to Fractured Foundation on July 5th?

Yes of course, especially because it will be my first show in London and I’m very excited about that. I was in London once for two hours when I had a flight back to Poland from a Bristol gig. It will be a great experience to play with all of the guys that night and meet them face to face.

Are you packing any special dubs or new tunes for the event?

You can be sure about that. I have plans to finish a few of my projects that took me a lot of time, and of course I will play a lot of tunes from my favourite producers at the moment and some classics as well.

It’s their first birthday, too. Any ideas what to get them for a birthday present?

Hmmm, I think that traditional Polish soup recipe will be a good idea, especially because it is my favourite!

Tasty. What’s the best birthday present you’ve ever received?

Every present I have received was special, but the best present is probably the one I gave to myself, haha – studio monitors!

What’s the worst birthday present you’ve ever received?

I cannot recall. All of them were great!

Thanks for the exclusive mix you’ve given us! Tell us about it…

It’s a selection of tunes that I like at the moment and few tunes that I used to play back in the day. I tend to play some tunes that are special for me and they are not new tracks but they bring good memories from a few years back.

Is it a fair reflection of how you play in the club?

Yes of course, but in the club I will probably play a bit harder. In the end it always goes with the flow of the crowd and the club. I don’t plan my sets, I like to freestyle and experiment with the material I have. And as I mentioned in my previous answer you can expect few classics as well.

Where else are you heading this summer? 

Hopefully for more gigs! In my personal life I’m thinking about going to Barcelona with my friends. I have never been there and it seems like a very interesting city that’s worth visiting. And I will visit my family around Poland as well!

Finally, please explain why people should get their asses down to Fractured Foundation and check you out! 

You need to get your asses over there because it will be my first time playing in London and I won’t disappoint you. I’m sure about this!


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