Drum&BassArena & Audio Warfare Remix Competition!

Drum&BassArena & Audio Warfare Remix Competition!

Calling all producers!

How do you fancy getting your hands on the parts of a bona fide rave blazer that features the toasting talents of jungle legend Dee Bo General?

How do you fancy the chance of winning a release on Audio Warfare alongside Serial Killaz, Bladerunner, Serum and Northern Lights?

Then read on…

Drum&BassArena have hooked up with Audio Warfare for a killer remix competition that, for one talented entrant, could mark the start of a promising career. Here’s the track you’ll be remixing:

Quintessential contemporary ragga jungle by Serum and Northern Lights. Don’t Let Go features the vocal skills of Dee Bo General, a man who everyone will recognise from this total and utter classic by Urban Shakedown.

An opportunity like this isn’t to be messed around with. We called Audio Warfare boss Steppa to find out a little more about how the tune came about, how you can enter and a few tips for budding producers while we’re at it.

“Dee Bo was THE MC of the north when I was young,” says Steppa, one half of Northern Lights. “It’s been a privilege to work with him. It went from me listening to him on tapes, and then meeting him through L Double, we’ve always kept in touch and it made sense to work together.”

Don’t Let Go swiftly gained underground anthem status and quickly led to an EP’s worth of material. The very same EP we want YOU to feature on. The winning remix will appear on The Specialist EP, to be released early 2013 with rubs from North Base, Northern Lights, Serum, Bladerunner and Serial Killaz.

“Dee Bo’s published books and travels the world going to different schools teaching people how to write poetry and lyrics,” explains Steppa. “I’ve been holding DJ classes for kids recently so the idea of a remix competition resonated with us both…”


Audio Warfare’s ears are wide and open to all possible entries…

“We’re open to all flavours,” he explains. “We’ve got so much good talent on the label right now. We’ve got Serial Killaz, Bladerunner, Serum, Vital Elements & Ruffride, North Base, Bad Education. Each one of them brings their own flavour. With the guys who release on other labels I always ask them to give us something different. Keep people on their toes. It’s all about that surprise element.”

The same diversity can be found in Northern Lights’ own work recently. Having already established a solid reputation for sizzling jump up, this year has seen Steppa and Kitcha explore fresh pastures under their Northern Lights moniker with dope blends on Liquid V, Shogun Limited, both Congo Natty imprints and even dubstep on True Tiger. The call here is for creativity and talent.


Download the stems from here

Get remixing!

Send you entry directly to Audio Warfare via their SoundCloud DropBox by December 7 2012

Cross your fingers!

DO NOT use the vocals in any other production… They are strictly for use in this competition only.


Learn to take criticism: A lot of people ask me for feedback. I’m honest and I’ll tell them where they could make it even better and they’ll be like ‘well my mate’s playing it!’ That doesn’t mean it’s up to standard!

Take time: We’re our own worst critics; we’ve spent many a day banging our heads on the desk trying to get that one particular sound. I feel that sometimes people are in too much of a rush to get stuff out there. You’re always learning when you’re making tunes. You can get them to a standard but each tune will teach you something new. Take your time. Don’t just punt stuff to labels for the sake of a release. I’ve been sent two tunes a week by people before – I ask them to slow down a little and put all that focus into one tune. It’ll sound so much better!

Reference: A major factor for me was referencing other people’s tunes that we love. Properly analysing them and seeing if we’re achieving the same loudness and dynamics. Import someone else’s tune and reference it alongside your own. Original Sin taught us that, it’s so simple but really, really effective.

Terms & Conditions
Audio Warfare will judge the competition and their decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
Submissions must be made via the Audio Warfare SoundCloud DropBox by midday on 7th December 2012. No entries will be accepted after this date
Winning remix will be included as part of ‘The Specialist EP’ – no royalties will be paid as part of this release
Use of Dee Bo General’s vocal cannot be used in a personal production on only used for purposes of the remix competition. Copyright owned by Dee Bo General and Audio Warfare
By downloading the free stems you give permission for Drum&BassArena to share your email address with Audio Warfare to keep you up to date with the competition, the EP release and other AW news


Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.