Andy C: “This summer is a whole new level of crazy”

Andy C: “This summer is a whole new level of crazy”

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From muddy fields in the west country to beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico in the space of 24 hours… Andy C is neck deep into a summer of shows that he describes personally as ‘a whole new level of crazy’

Indicative of both his constant benchmark raising and drum & bass’s universal appeal we checked in with him to see what’s popping from his perspective this summer. We left with knowledge that he’s got some brand new tracks very close to release PLUS we have a pair of tickets to give away at this summer’s Creamfields. He’s appearing on Saturday August 29.

Read on, get to know and enter the competition below for a chance of joining us…

Looks like you were in Ibiza like two or three hours ago?

Yeah man, just landed. It was beautiful. Amnesia has been brilliant this year, every night is packed out and it’s great to see so many people on the island coming out in force for D&B!

It’s a far cry from the days when the island only danced to house and trance. Ibiza’s line-ups are much more of an honest reflection of all types of electronic music.

Definitely. It’s such a cool vibe out there with all styles of music now being celebrated. It’s not just myself but loads of other drum & bass guys are representing out there over the summer. Finally!

Is this a standardly busy summer or even crazier? That video you put up of a South Korea event looked batshit crazy for a start…

Oh mate, this summer is a whole new level of crazy. That particular show in South Korea was out of this world! I really didn’t expect that. It was five DJs, each with their own stage, and the crowd was in the middle. I was like ‘what?’ The whole concept seemed out there. Everyone congregates in the middle and at different points of the night a different stage takes over. So I had my own stage, Alex Metric did and so on. Each stage with their own production and pyrotechnics and everything… Only used for an hour and a half each.

Any festival, whatever time of day you’re supposed to be playing, you always think ‘will it be kicking off at that time? Will there be anyone there to see me?’ But then you get there and regardless of the time, it is ALWAYS kicking off.

Like the most expensive soundclash in the world, ever.

You know what I mean? The amount of work that had gone into each stage was phenomenal. Look at the video I put up on Facebook. It went mental. I’ve only ever been to South Korea once, and that was a club show, so to see 30,000 people all going crazy to drum & bass was something else. Check the video I took, it’s a bit wobbly because it kicked off. Such an infectious energy. It blew my mind. Plus it was the famous Olympic stadium so I did a cheeky 100m dash to celebrate. Just brilliant.

Glastonbury kicked off too didn’t it?

It did! I arrived at the show and it took 10 minutes to drive from the main stage to the Shangri-La Hell stage where I was playing. I took in the scope and enormity of the festival; all those nooks and crannies and private parties. Such a crazy place; each stage is a festival in itself. I’d have loved to hang around but I did my Essential Mix live then I was boom… On a plane and the next thing I know I’m playing on a beach in Puerto Rico. From a muddy field to a beautiful beach. I was pinching myself. Is this happening?

Nice. Have you ever done Glasto as a punter?

I haven’t. But driving through it this year it made me want to. I’d love to get in amongst it and find those off-the-beaten-track places and parties. But I’ve played on other years when the mud was like soup. I love a good laugh but that seemed like too much. But yeah, this year I would have loved to stick around and properly explore.

Let’s talk about Creamfields. You’re playing there this year, we’ve got some tickets to give away, give me some highlights over the years…

I have many highlights. Last year, due to the wonders of the M6 motorway we ended up half hour late but the whole tent was packed and very patient waiting for me. A few years before I played just before they shut the festival down because of the torrential rain. The tent was mental that year too. What I love is the fact that more and more drum & bass is on the line-up every year at Creamfields. When it started off our music didn’t get too much of a look-in and I’ve watched it go from smaller tents to main arena when I get to smash out headline sets in the big top. It’s a beautiful thing. I love Creamfields; it book-ends the summer and I know people from all over the UK and further around the world who make the pilgrimage.

You’ve got SW4 that weekend too… You’re playing two sets there, right?

Yeah I’m playing the Ram tent and the mainstage, which is fantastic.

 Does this mean you can go a little deeper in the Ram tent?

I don’t think I’ve got it in me to play a mellow set at a festival! Haha! Any festival, whatever time of day you’re supposed to be playing, you always think ‘will it be kicking off at that time? Will there be anyone there to see me?’ But then you get there and regardless of the time, it is ALWAYS kicking off. There’s no holding back, and I love it. I’m not going to hold back, I’m gonna have it!

Let’s chat productions now. This time last year it was all about Heartbeat Loud… Time for another summer slammer?

Yes. I’ve got a handful of tracks that are ready to be unleashed. I can’t wait to get them out there. I’ve got dancefloor bangers, songs and out-and-out rawness. I’ve enjoyed getting them all down and now we’re working out what’s coming first.

Sounds like they’re past the mixdown stage and almost ready to drop?

Come on man, you KNOW things are never finished until the very last minute. I was just tweaking one after playing it in Ibiza last night. These things never stop until around version 43.

Ha! What size is this body of work? Are we talking EPs here?

All I am able to say is there’s going to be a slew of releases. I can’t confirm on the frequency and number of tracks per release but there’s a lot of material ready and, most importantly, I’ve really enjoyed being in the studio and making these tracks. It’s weird from my perspective. I run the label and we deal with the artists and have very tight timeframes and plans and schedules. When it comes to me, all of that is out the window. It’s chaos… But trust me when I say that they will be released when the time is right!

Awesome. Final question: all set for another All Night session at Brixton Academy later this year?

I am. It’s been mental. I’m always gobsmacked by the response to events like this. And this year’s one has been the biggest sign-up we’ve ever had by a long run. Even last night in Ibiza people were coming up and telling me they’d signed up and wanted to come. Every time it’s incredible. I pretty much collapsed at the end of the last one, it was such an experience. So to do this again is immense. I’m buzzing by the fact Brixton Academy want me back, I’m buzzing by the fact that so many people want to go. I’m just buzzing full stop mate….

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