RIP Neodigital: NËU Music launches with new single from Synergy

RIP Neodigital: NËU Music launches with new single from Synergy
20 Nov, 2017


Phace & Misanthrop have farewelled their 6-year old label Neodigital and launched NËU Music in it’s place with a hard-hitting new single from Synergy, along with a slick new website.

Built on the same core values and ethos of it’s predecessor, NËU Music will continue to champion fresh talent, with the first release setting the tone perfectly. The 2-tracker sees Russian duo Synergy flaunting big, bold soundscapes – an exciting insight into what to expect from the new imprint.


In Phace & Misanthrop’s own words:

“For us it was time to update the vision we once had when we set up Neodigital. One of the initial reasons why we started the label was to solely focus on digital-only releases for that outlet and to be fast in getting the releases out. This has now become pretty obsolete as these days it is standard to run a release through digital channels only. Also, some people saw Neodigital as Neosignal’s little sister first and foremost, even though for us that was never the intenion, and was always as important as Neosignal.

Neodigital was a ground for new talent but also a second channel for us to be creative with. We needed to give that second channel a new soul and a more current, updated and independent definition. Whereas the core values will somewhat remain the same – to support new talent and push new music, but also to highlight music from more established acts – the new label is a total fresh-up. The name is new, the whole design concept is new and the label is positioned way more independent even though it is still running under the roof of the Neosignal audio group… It simply is time for something NËU and fresh as we are no real fans of avoiding change…”

So long, Neodigital – there’s a NËU kid in town…

Pre-order Hypnosis/ Dune here.


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