Soul Intent: ‘Versus’

Soul Intent: ‘Versus’

Soul Intent‘s Lossless imprint is notorious for delivering the completely unexpected. Or, to put it another way: hauling you up, bundling you in the vehicle and unceremoniously delivering YOU somewhere totally unexpected. As is 100% the case with Versus Volume One featuring the likes of Spktrm, Acid Lab and Chromatic alongside the man himself, the title a reference to the diverse acts involved… now dropping hard: take cover. Check the recent podcast at end too.

Hey SI how’s it going on the personal front, good year?

2016 has been great so far: lots of releases and some of the best gigs I’ve had in ages. Definitely can’t complain.

Versus Vol 1 is a great great great release: how did you come to select the tunes? You must be proud of this. It reps the label perfectly.

Well, thank you for the praise but credit must go to the artists who provided me with some brilliant music. Lossless originally was supposed to be an outlet for my work but over time I’ve felt the desire to use it as a platform to help feature music from some of my favourite artists, some who I’ve know for years and others who I’ve still not met in person.

The Chromatic tune is infamous, wow, what a killer, should have a warning on the label, such a deadly tune, take us into it?

It’s ace isn’t it. I caught Chromatic playing at Fabric for Marky’s Innerground and towards the end of their set ‘The Machine’ came on and the crowd went nuts. Techy, steppy, bouncy, distorted… what’s not to like!

I hassled them for weeks and once I knew what it was I stalked them until they said I could have it. Proper chuffed.

I’ve always been a fan of the Acid Lab as for me reps everything exciting about D&B. the tune is typical filth – and I’m a sucker for that break any day, not to mention mentasms – take us into this phenomenal tune.

He’s a fairly new musical discovery to me but as soon as I stumbled across his soundcloud page I knew I had to have something for the label. Luckily he was very keen and in the first batch of tunes he sent over there was Tundra. I love the dirty, old skool vibes and I’m a sucker for a roller.

Having already started putting the Versus EP together I knew it would work really well with the other tracks. Watch out for another quality track of Acid Lab on Dope Plates 002!

What influenced your tune ‘Hoth’? I can imagine this smacking a few people silly… it’s a system rattler. You’ve gone in on this one!

‘Hoth’ is a older track but I’ve always felt it deserved a proper release so I’ve just been waiting for the right release to include it on. Half time funk breaks and sci-fi atmospherics along with some classic rave sounds and a VERY subtle sample from that famous sci-fi franchise… ahem.

I found the wind texture that’s at the start of the track on one of my soft synths. I got these images in my head of a ice planet landscape and pretty quickly the tune came together.

I already had the Acid Lab and Spktrm tracks put aside for the EP and Hoth fit the vibe of those two perfectly….I guess it pays to be patient.

Intro us to Spktrm… wow, I love this track and it’s a proper ‘f*ck you’ to anyone who has slept on D&B and thinks it’s not an amazing genre! The beautiful breakdown is total ‘1999’ era. It’s stunning. Who’s the artist, for people new to them? Suuuuuch a slick, stylish, artful tune.

Spktrm kills me, his album Android Dreams which was release on Gridlok’s Project 51 imprint back in 2012 was – and still is – stunning.

There’s a couple of tracks on that album that could be off Goldie’s Timeless in my very humble opinion. Amazing pads and emotion, proper Blade Runner music.

‘Vague & Vogue’ was something that he’d sent me but it was pencilled in for a release on another label but I kept checking in with him and after months of persistence he said it was available and I could have it. That’s all I needed to hear and now I am extremely proud to present it on Lossless.

LOSS006_B bandcamp

How’s the release being done, what can people expect?

The vinyl is out worldwide as of 10th June on a limited edition grey and black marbled 12″. It’ll also be available through all the usual digital stores in a couple of weeks.

Any shouts?

Spkrm, Acid Lab and Chromatic obviously. Thanks so much for allowing me to put out your quality music on my little label. Also to all the DJ’s who have been supporting the tunes, this release and any other… you know who you are. And not forgetting the DNBA crew for the feature.

We’re also open to demos, whether you’re established or unknown. If you think you have something special please send us a download link – your bestest three tracks only – to losslessmusic@hotmail.co.uk and if it cuts the mustard we’ll be in touch.

Versus Vol 1

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