Making waves for well over a decade now, SP:MC has established himself as one of the most respected & busiest MCs on the circuit. His first break came in 2001 after the legendary MC GQ heard one of SP's early mixtapes [with DJ Jubei] & made them residents at his own monthly Emcee Sessions event at Digwalls in Camden. SP has close ties with Shogun Audio [after touring extensively with DJ Friction], & Exit Records after becoming dBridge's MC of choice. He has also hosted events for a wide array of imprints including Renegade Hardware, Commercial Suicide, Hospital, Prototype, Bassbin, Good Looking, Metalheadz, Valve, Quarantine, Digital Soundboy, Symmetry, Soul:R, Innerground, DNAudio, Critical, Rinse, Tempa, Tectonic, Hessle Audio & 3024.

Versatility & quality control are a guarantee when SP's in the building. He cites MCs GQ, Dynamite & Conrad as early influences. In 2003 he was nominated for 'Best Breakthrough MC' at the Knowledge D&B Awards. He was then nominated for 'Best MC' at 1Xtra's XtraBass Awards in March 2007, & was shortlisted at the D&BArena Awards in 2009, 2010, 2012 & 2013. In 2011, SP was crowned 'Best MC' at the D&BArena Awards.


In 2005, his forays into production began. Collaborations with Breakage ['Shadow' on Breakage's debut LP, and 'The Lurgie' on Shogun Audio] set the standard, followed by tracks with fellow MC Verse ['Surrender', 'Border Patrol', & 'Lost Souls']. 2008 saw his debut dubstep track 'Trust Nobody', released on the infamous Tempa imprint, to widespread acclaim. 2009 saw Code 3 [consisting of long time friends SP, Jubei & Dakuan] release their debut 12", 'Delta' and 'Escape Hatch' on Shogun Ltd. Later that year he released a follow-up 12" on Tempa ['Taiko Dub' & 'Bad Dreams' with LX One]. A Code 3 release on dBridge's label Exit Records ['Living Proof' backed with 'Response Call'] landed in 2010.

2011 saw another SP:MC & LX One 12" ['Down' & 'Judgement'] drop on Tempa, plus a collaboration between SP & Youngsta 'Unidentified' on Osiris Music. Code 3's 'Chasm' was also included on the Exit Records 'Mosaic' LP. His vocals featured on Icicle's 'Dreadnaught' released on Shogun Audio. Another Code 3 12" then followed on Critical ['What you Sayin?' & 'Double Dipped']. Finally, Tempa 060 [SP:MC & LX One 'Hunted' & SP:MC 'Oh my Gosh'] landed in November. Code 3's collaboration with Ulterior Motive 'Yeti' emerged towards the end of 2012 on Break's label Symmetry. His most recent release, the 4-track 'Declassified E.P' was released in April 2013 on Tempa.

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