HANDRA is a producer duo created by Marek Szpak (Screwball) and Filip Zdrodowski (RanyJulian), both from Bydgoszcz, currently living in Poznan / Poland. The idea of creating a joint musical project HANDRA was 'born naturally'; it is a product of shared passion, experience and time by the two devoted artists who have spent nearly 30 years on the musical scene between them. Known from other musical and stage, music production and vocal projects, Screwball and RanyJulian found
common ground with their musical paths. HANDRA Productions is a combination of technical drum&bass sounds with raw minimalist sounds, within a dark and even nostalgic convention.

Their first single HANDRA - "Unexpected", found its place in DJ sets of many renowned figures of the world drum&bass scene. The debut track HANDRA was recognized also in Poland as remix "Unexpected" was created by CLS, who worked, among others, with Hospital Records. HANDRA's debut EP "Unexpected" was released on Belgian-British INLFLUENZA MEDIA label.

Artist Connections

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