Anyone who was listening to electronic music, and particularly drum & bass, in 2007 will clearly remember the arrival of Commix’ debut album ‘Call To Mind’ released on Goldie’s Metalheadz label. A breath of fresh air amongst a sea of Pendu-clones, the Cambridge duo’s place in drum & bass history was assured from the opening bars and their status as exciting electronic music producers was confirmed with critical acclaim across the board.

But music and art are about evolution, and evolving is precisely what Commix are doing. After the release of ‘Call To Mind’ Commix went to ground, throwing themselves into new methods of working and new ways of thinking. While Metalheadz commissioned a full remix version of ‘Call To Mind’, Commix experimented, ruminated and deliberated to ensure that their second artist album would be a worthy successor to their incredible debut.

Five years after the release of ‘Call To Mind’ Commix marked the end of an era with ‘Dusted’, a collection of tracks recorded between 2003-2008. Now, with a new sound and the sophomore album fully underway, Commix are taking the next bold step in their musical maturation.

To signify the change in outlook Commix will now be known as CMX, a name that represents where Commix has come from and where CMX is going. The new sound of CMX represents freedom promoted through musical expression. Relying less on samples and the familiar drum & bass formula, CMX will embrace new styles and tempos, and a heavy influx of analogue equipment to create a new and exciting musical attitude.

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